Told my boyfriend the last guy I was with was bigger than him, now he's upset, what to do now?

One night after my boyfriend and I had sex, he was saying something about how he needed to be bigger down there. I told him no, that he was good down there, and that it's not always a good thing to be big down there, because the last guy I was with was too big. I told him that it hurt and didn't feel good, and that I would bleed almost every time. None of that mattered to him besides the fact that I said my last boyfriend was bigger than him. He became very angry and it still comes up every now and then and then we'll start arguing. I don't understand why he was so upset. it's not like I was saying that it was great w/the other guy, I was saying that it was bad. anyways, what can I do to try to fix the situation? thanks for your help!


Most Helpful Guy

  • you did nothing wrong. first of all. Second, its just that the male mentality is that penis size is manliness. The bigger you are, the more of a man you are. It doesn't matter if it hurt you during sex, that's not why he's upset. It's just that it makes him feel very inadequate about himself. It's just something that comes with the male mentality. it might help if you convince him he's perfect in bed tho.. Also, you can try feeding his man ego, like convincing him that he's more of a man than anybody etc... either way, I think its less of a sex thing than it is a man mentality that bigger is better, and that bigger is more manly. Don't compare him to anybody, that doesn't help, just make him believe that he in himself is perfect for you. That he's an excellent lover and that he's such a man etc... believe in himself essentially.

    it might also help to just sit down and talk to him calmly, see what he's thinking and address it.