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Girls only: have you all tried having foursome? 3 guys one girl?

do you think :

a) the girl is slutty?

b) gross?

c) too much of a good thing?

d) simply irresistible?


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  • a) the girl looks like a slut in this situation because it looks like the guys are running a train on her or something

    b) yes, it does sound kind of gross and unbecoming of her

    c) good is an opinion and to each is own

    d) simply irresistible? also an opinion

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  • I think it's slutty and gross...just my opinion though.

  • why wasn't I invited? jk. its kinda slutty and gross. because its like 3 different guys.

  • Done it, loved it, wasn't gross.. condoms used. Never too much of a good thing and best orgasm in my life. So out of my element it was exilirating. Slutty? Depends on how the agreement was made. Would a conservative Person do it... probably not. But still, no regrets. 😄

  • I think it's icky but I'd wonder what happened to her to give her such little respect for herself. I'd assume she has "issues."

  • No, I think that is a and b.

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