My boyfriend still has pictures of women having sex with animals on his pc..what should I do?

hi to everyone.. my boyfriend and I are living together for 1 and a half year.He is 30 and I 25.we will get married soon.Although we have a great 2-year relationship and amazing sex life, I'm facing a serious problem. My boyfriend is watching porn movies, as a normal guy thing.Many times we are... Show More

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  • what about it makes you uncomfortable? is I the actual content or is it the fact that he's watching it? if it's just the content then just make him hide it from you so you don't see it. better yet, he could just get a cheap PC or account on that pc that has all the porn on there so you don't have to see it.

    If it's the fact that he's watching it you should seriously tell him. Don't request it, have a serious talk about how uncomfortable it makes you and the consequences, etc... he needs to know how much watching the porn makes you uncomfortable. If he loves you, he'll choose you over the porn. If he chooses the pron, then well, at least you know what kind of person he really is. (no offense I'm just saying in case).

    either way, I hope the best!