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My boyfriend still has pictures of women having sex with animals on his pc..what should I do?

hi to everyone.. my boyfriend and I are living together for 1 and a half year.He is 30 and I 25.we will get married soon.Although we have a great... Show More

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  • what about it makes you uncomfortable? is I the actual content or is it the fact that he's watching it? if it's just the content then just make him hide it from you so you don't see it. better yet, he could just get a cheap PC or account on that pc that has all the porn on there so you don't have to see it.

    If it's the fact that he's watching it you should seriously tell him. Don't request it, have a serious talk about how uncomfortable it makes you and the consequences, etc... he needs to know how much watching the porn makes you uncomfortable. If he loves you, he'll choose you over the porn. If he chooses the pron, then well, at least you know what kind of person he really is. (no offense I'm just saying in case).

    either way, I hope the best!

What Guys Said 4

  • Hide the family dog...

  • You can get him to stop it slowly but surely, besides how do you know he hasn't got round to deleting the files yet? Have you checked the dates that they were downloaded?

  • Sorry but he's a freak. Never get a pet

What Girls Said 4

  • first of all ewwww, second just sit him down and tell him that it makes you uncomfortable for him to be watching that kind of stuff and if he can't stop don't marry the guy

  • sorry but I love animals EW. WTF is he thinking that is beyond wrong on so many levels!

    • So what if you love animals... i personally have seen some and its not like woman are forcing dogs it horses to have sex with them. seriously do you think a random girls can really force a horse out large dog to have sex with her

  • Are you sure you want to marry a man that looks at porn pics of women doing animals?

  • I think like there's more coming.. more coming like he is gonna keep doing it. The more you try to stop him the more he is going to be watching those unusual porn. I'm not sure if you know your man enough that he can compromise on such thing. But instead of just telling him to just stop, why not try to ask him what makes him like those kind of porn maybe you'll have a better understanding. You guys sounds so serious because the wedding is so soon. You wanna think things through see what is good about your relationship with him vs that girl to dog/farm animal porn that really bothers you then make a decision that you feel is fair for both of you. Good Luck.

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