Can girls make their butts get big and round and stick out just by exercising and eating healthy?

Or is it genetic? Has any girl made her butt bigger and more developed by doing squats?

I am not taking about ghetto butts when the girl actually has a weight problem.

I do squats and run and it makes my butt leaner and stronger and firmer, but it doesn't stick out any further.


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  • if you eat the right kinda of carbs and proteins and do a lot of squats and lunges and balanced cardio, you can focus on your butt muscles and make them larger. good carbs are things that aren't over-processed, nothing with white flour like bagels, cakes, white breads, crackers, and no white rice, or pasta. if possible, avoid food with gluten. eat lots of lean protein like fish and white meat chicken, and cut out excess sugar.

    you can't choose where you loose weight, but you CAN choose where muscle is added, but it takes a lot of patience.

    • It's like those guys who have huge biceps and shoulders, but the rest of them is scrawny, except muscles in the butt are harder to target.


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  • it's mostly based on genetics. and having a ghetto booty does not equate to a weight problem, sometimes its just about body type. I have wide hips and a very curvaceous figure/rear and yet I'm still on the low side of average for the bmi of my height...i wear extra small tops, 34C bras and a size 4 or 6 in jeans and people say I have a ghetto booty...but I am by no means fat in fact once my aunt thought I had an eating disorder just because I am so tiny. genetics are what really determine the difference between a curvy shape or a flat ass.

    • No need to brag =P

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    • By ghetto booty I mean she has junk in more places than just the trunk.

    • I was about to comment on your description of ghetto booty, but I see here PennyLane summed up everything I was thinking.

      Consider this...just like high round breasts are due to the fat content (the less fat, the smaller the breasts are) the butt is no different, but unlike breasts, the butt gets smaller, less fatty and firmer the more you work out which will not give the look you're describing.... You need some amount of genetics on your side to get that look.

  • Well there was a model on tb who's butt I wish I had and she said she got hers by going to a nutritionist and getting on a healthy high carb diet and while she was doing that she done squats and crunches and lifted weights to keep the rest of her skinny while her butt grew.

    Then you could always get some kind of hormonal shot...but I don't really know anything about that. Needles frighten me so I didn't care to research it.

  • It's genetics but the environment can play a factor on enhancing it :)


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  • Squats, and lunges. That will work.