Can girls make their butts get big and round and stick out just by exercising and eating healthy?

Or is it genetic? Has any girl made her butt bigger and more developed by doing squats?

I am not taking about ghetto butts when the girl actually has a weight problem.

I do squats and run and it makes my butt leaner and stronger and firmer, but it doesn't stick out any further.


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  • if you eat the right kinda of carbs and proteins and do a lot of squats and lunges and balanced cardio, you can focus on your butt muscles and make them larger. good carbs are things that aren't over-processed, nothing with white flour like bagels, cakes, white breads, crackers, and no white rice, or pasta. if possible, avoid food with gluten. eat lots of lean protein like fish and white meat chicken, and cut out excess sugar.

    you can't choose where you loose weight, but you CAN choose where muscle is added, but it takes a lot of patience.

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      It's like those guys who have huge biceps and shoulders, but the rest of them is scrawny, except muscles in the butt are harder to target.