How do you squirt?

My boyfriend loves squirters and I want to figure out how I can do it for him to turn him on. Any pointers?


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  • WOW! I just responded this on another question..

    All right... I like this.. There's no better thing than finding someone who wants to learn something new.

    1st: You must had done pee before you do this. Since your squirt will come from you urethra which is the passage that your pee comes from. So, you must drink lots of water during the day to clean your system up. You don't want to scare your boyfriend if it comes out smelling like pee. He may not do it again.

    2nd: You must be very wet and aroused. Be very horny the first time so it won't bother you. Just like your 1st vaginal intercourse and anal for the 1st time.

    3rd: You must use a curved dildo or someone else's fingers.

    4th: You have to push up against your vagina wall behind your stomach.

    5th: Procedure:

    1. Lay down on the edge of your bed, open wide.

    2. Have your mate stand in front of you. With one hand, making the "spiderman hand" when he's shooting his web, entering you and the other hand pressing a bit firm on your stomach, way below your belly-buttom / top of your vagina wall. So, your stomach will be between both of his hands.

    3. He is going to enter you all the way in with his 2 middle fingers. To be clear, middle and ring fingers only. The pinky and index fingers he will leave them out hitting your butt.

    4. He will then go up and down in you, not in and out, fast and hard. It will be uncomfortable at first but that is the way to stimulate your "g" spot and get you to ejaculate.

    5. He has to push your "g" spot with "inside hand" up against his other hand on top of your stomach, FAST AND HARD". If you are wet and horny and well-concentrated. You will squirt. You can instruct him of where you feel the most pleasure so he can concentrate in that area. He could bent/fold slightly his fingers.

    Hope this wasn't too long. Let me know how it goes.

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      I want to let all you guys know that this is something you DO NOT DO.

      When you press a girls stomach while a finger/d*** is inside her and you hear your girl moan/scream, she is not screaming from pleasure. She is screaming because this move (that many guys think girls like) actually hurts like a b*tch. No girl likes this. It doesn't feel good and she wants to hurry up and fake an orgasm so you'll stop doing this.

      Yes, girls do like the stomach pressing. But ONLY with clitoral stimulation.

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      Thanks for the comment and update on my knowledge.. You are well appreciated.