What sexual actions turn a guy on?

What are some things a girl can do to turn a guy on, make him go crazy? What does he like in bed? How does he like to be kissed the most. Where? What types of things make him go crazy when a girl gives him oral?

I know all guys are different so don't say that. Answer with your opinion.


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  • For me stripping and some certain moves like moving her hips against my man hood would drive me crazy. If you want to drive your man crazy try to do things with your body away from him, for example bite your lips while your touching your self. Get close to him making him thinking he would kiss or touch you for sure and then go back. Talk to him sexy talks like "How bad you wants me! ", "You think you can handle me! " stuff like that. You can do all that without any physical touch and you will see the result. But you have to be good by doing it slowly and with many tempting moves like those I mentioned before.

    Most guys like to be kissed on their nick, chest and stomach. Don't be shy, pepper his upper body part with all the kisses you can. Kiss here and there. Bite gently his neck and do some licking over his chest. I think your man would like those things and you may drive him so crazy girl :-)

    Also read this article on How To Turn A Guy On. It looks like he got most of the tips listed down, if not all.

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      Touching yourself? haha...i for a guy definitly like it. but it's kinda sad on the girl's part.

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      dam it wheres my boyfriend when I need him? lol

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