He is not circumcised and it really bothers me.

I have been seeing this guy for about 3 months now. I like it him a lot. We finally had sex the other night, and I noticed he is not circumcised. I am turned off by it.

My questions are:

1. How do I get over it?

2. Is there anything about men who aren't circumcised, that I should know about?

Also, sometimes I want to ask him why he's not circumcised. Should I just keep it to myself?


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  • I don't see anything wrong with asking. It's not like he doesn't know he's uncircumcised, and it's not like he doesn't know that's a little out of the ordinary.

    I've been with a couple uncircumcised guys. It was okay, but I never totally got used to it. I didn't like giving them head because of the nasty taste and I never really liked the look either.

    • Ew, ya.. I might never give him head

    • I could do it, I just didn't really like it the way I did with circumcised guys. If I really fell for a guy who was uncircumcised I guess I'd just push through it.

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  • Here is something I bet girls didn't know when you are circumcised. The guy loses a lot of sensation because that outer casing is there for a reason, to protect the head from damage. Circumcised guys lose sensitivity and there have also been talks that circumcised guys could be at risk of catching STDs more than uncircumcised guys.

    As long as it is kept clean, it's not a problem. If you try and get him to get it circumcised now, it could cause more harm than good. I know a guy who did that for his girlfriend and it caused him a life time of problems including gangrine.

    When guys have sex, the skin becomes much losers and retracts easier over the head of the penis so you still get to see the head gland.

  • why are you turned off by it?

    because of looks?

    or ?

    • The look, and it doesn't feel as good as.....

    • So you hate the looks of it,,,, it really doesn't feel the same? hmmmm?

    • Asker, you're crazy. A penis with foreskin is literally designed naturally to pleasure the vulva better. @_@ A penis without foreskin doesn't stimulate it correctly.

  • Do it yourself.

    • Umm yah, thought about it

  • 1 - Get used to it. After all, that's the way it's supposed to be. It's normal. 2 - What is there to know? it's a penis. It's not rocket science. 3 - Why would you ask someone why he's not circumcised? He was born that way. Most men aren't.

  • By all means , do ask , or inquire about it , if you must, but you should probably be aware of a few things first.
    Think about it in terms of your own body first , then speak. And that having natural body parts , is well , uhm , normal and the majority of the people on the planet do. Any that promote sexual mutilation are in the minority as are those that they speak about. And sexual mutilation , whether called "circumcision", or whatever euphemism, is a violation of human rights to body integrity and in no way is it healthier or more beneficial to be sexually mutilated.

    And how would you feel if your body had been sexually mutilated without your choice?
    It's only been since , what, 1997 that females have had a law protecting their genitals from mutilation.

  • What if he said about you, "She isn't circumcised and it really bothers me." What if your clitoris and labia and hood turned him off? You'd drill him for being "sexist" and "misogynistic" and shaming a woman's natural body. You're doing the same thing to him. Natural men deserve respect, not disrespect about their dicks. It's attitudes like yours that keep people mutilating our genitals. Get over yourself.


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  • i'm the same way as you... I've never been with a guy that isn't circumcised though.. so I'm not sure what I would do...

    if you really like him, then I think you should probably have sex with him a few more times... and try to ignore it, possibly your problem will fade.

    and I'd hold off on asking him why he isn't circumcised for a little while... by asking, he will probably be able to tell you are slightly disgusted by it, and he'll feel awkward/ashamed... and you don't want that.

  • As a British girl, I have never been with a guy that has been circumcised, I think because it's perfectly normal for guys to not be circumcised over here. I don't actually think it makes a difference whatsoever. As long as he makes sure he washes properly, then there is nothing really to worry about.

    Furthermore, he has nothing to feel awkward or ashamed about. He was born with it! It's like getting Tiffany earrings in a Tiffany box. Just don't rag the box off to get to the jewelery inside.

    You know, it's almost like-in a roundabout ridiculous way- a guy expecting you to have your labia cut off.

    I think the only way to get over it is to just get down there and explore it out before you make a decision about it. Try and be open minded.

  • It shouldn't bother you as long as he cleans it he is fine and so are you. The skin was there for a reason and not being circumcised makes sex much better for them cause they are more sensitive...That's what my ex said. It doesn't bother me at all. In my family the men aren't cause we are mexican and that's just the way it was. Don't ask him why he isn't that might hurt his feeling or make him insecure. How would you like it if you VJJ wasn't the shape he liked it and he asked you WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT?

    • It has nothing to do with being mexican that's just in your family, I'm mexican and had mine cut when younger

    • I didn't say all mexicans didn't get circumcised did I? I said IN MY FAMILY, but besides my family most hispanics AREN'T. Don't get it twisted I'm saying most people I KNOW. Not the whole world.

  • I don't get this-is every guy in the US normally circumcised or something?

    • Yes, the majority of men in the US are circumcised...........Though I'll never get why a lot of women over here make such a big deal about it because cut or uncut they both look the same when erect...

    • Lol that's strange. Men in England never are. I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it not being circumcised

  • my ex is uncut but my boyfriend now is. difference? you'll know when you blow them, LOL. no matter how my ex wash his weapon, it still tastes of @#$%^ but my bf's dick is just nice. getting over it? just ask him to wash properly before oral action, unless he's gonna give the knife a careful thought!

    • I've found this to be true too. When I was with a guy who wasn't cut I didn't want to go down on him because of the taste.

  • One of my ex's was uncircumcised and it bothered me also I wouldn't blow or f*** him cause just think its gross because it taste and smells really bad its just really unsanitary

  • At first I was a little freaked about the idea too, but then I thought about it: This is the way God made all men. This is how a man's body really is! It's normal. Really. And in most countries, it is the way men still are. And no, I wouldn't ask him about it. Why make him feel self-conscious and insecure? (Would you want him inquiring about the perceived weirdness of YOUR parts?