Why Do Guys Shake Their Legs?

I'm in my mid-20s so this is an awkward question to ask in real life but I really do not have guys opinion still:

Why do guys shake their legs when they stare at some women?

Way back in college, there was this guy who somehow gave me this feeling that he's sexually-attracted to me. I just caught him staring at me once and since then, he was always around me. When he got near me, he always tells his friends stuffs like "The eyes are the sexiest part in a woman's body" and "I finally found the woman of my dreams." I'm not that insensitive so I knew he had a thing on me.

What just creeped me out was that when I walked near him, he always stared and started shaking his legs and obviously was distracted. Was he getting horny when I am near him? Young as I was, it just freaked me out so I always avoided him.

Later in school, there were two of them who I always caught doing the shaking thing when I get near them. Then the last one was a fellow employee. It's always the same story - they stared at me once and later I just noticed them shaking their legs.

I am not really beautiful, though my eyes are dark and deep. But I'm always frowning so that people can't hardly notice them unless they have chance to stare at my face for long. I also do not have those hourglass figures, though I have wide hips. I just don't think I'm sexually attractive.

There were still other guys who do that shaking thing whenever I'm around but those three were the most recognizable because they are campus/office hotties. God, they are handsome and lots of girls are obviously attracted to them and that's the problem. I couldn't quiet figure out why they like me because I think I'm just ordinary. Plus, I could not remember making flirty moves around them that might sexually-aroused them in any way.

I'm not a teenager anymore so now when I notice men looking at me and started shaking their legs, I just keep my cool unlike before. I'm just like, "That's the way it is."

But I'm still curious really. Why do guys shake their legs when they're checking out at some women?


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  • it's def some type of nervous tick that many guys may have...it's like a girl when she checks out a guy...she twirls her hair apparently...the nervousness that someone feels in his/her body will find a way to escape in some way. In these instances, it's been the leg movement, other cases are different though.

    -------------------> learned all of this in public speaking class in college.

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      Ok, so now I finally got a guy's opinion on the subject. it's not that bad after all. haha, glad I ask. thanks much!