Why Do Guys Shake Their Legs?

I'm in my mid-20s so this is an awkward question to ask in real life but I really do not have guys opinion still: Why do guys shake their legs when they stare at some women? Way back in college, there was this guy who somehow gave me this feeling that he's sexually-attracted to me. I just caught... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • it's def some type of nervous tick that many guys may have...it's like a girl when she checks out a guy...she twirls her hair apparently...the nervousness that someone feels in his/her body will find a way to escape in some way. In these instances, it's been the leg movement, other cases are different though.

    -------------------> learned all of this in public speaking class in college.

    • Ok, so now I finally got a guy's opinion on the subject. it's not that bad after all. haha, glad I ask. thanks much!