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What's the position called when the girl is laying on her stomach, and the guy enters her vagina from behind?

Not doggy style, as the girl is laying flat.

It's one of my favorites, just don't know what it's called.

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  • Sounds like some kind of Kama Sutra sh*t to me.

    Inverted Missionary is when the girl is lying flat on top of the guy, rather than the dude on top of the girl.

    Downward Dog is a yoga position...

    Spoons is side ways...

    According to a website it's called "Acrobat", then again I could be totally wrong.


    ^ is that what you're talking about?

    • No not that one, but that website for the link has it as "jockey"

    • Its called Prone Bone

What Girls Said 7

  • I think that you're thinking of the "jockey" or "rear entry" positions.These are both awesome and it's one of my faves for getting anal from a guy.

  • It's lazy doggy!

  • Isn't that like the inverted missionary or belly flop or something like that? dunno..don't think there is like a real name for it!

  • apparently its just called "rear entry." what a boring name for such a good position! :(


  • Its my favorite too...i cross my legs and it makes it feel better for me and the guy.

    • crossed legs does indeed make it tighter.

  • I have heard it called the "downward dog" before. =P

What Guys Said 8

  • There is no standard name for it, which is a great shame, since it is my favorite!

    Some of us (myself included) occasionally refer to it as jockey or rear entry showing off our familiarity with sexinfo101, because i doubt any of us had heard the term jockey before :p Rear entry as per its definition her legs are a little more open then i would normally imagine, and jockey he's a little more upright.

    I think it lacks a name because its not common in p*rn (probably because you can't see her that well) so it isn't discussed in that context much?

    I think I've heard it doesn't work all that great if the guy is short.

  • It's a rear-entry position. Make up a name that suits you.

  • this is a common variation of the spoons position-some women like it because the weight of the guy they are with is not all over them and they can concentrate on their and your **** sensations better---so enjoy!-it can also be done laying on your sides and can even go into a scissors type position as well

  • I think its called spooning. I like doggy style better.

  • It's prone bone:) loving

    • You can google it

  • Its called the prone bone or the prone position

  • Hahaha you mean jockey bro?

  • I've seen it called jockey a lot or downward dog.Its my favorite as well.The girl doesn't have to have a big butt, but I prefer that.

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