How can I get my boyfriend to finger me?

My boyfriend won't go down on me, I've asked him once and he flat out said no.And I asked him if he could finger me and he flat out said no.How can I get him to finger me?

Yes I know I can finger myself,i just thought it might be nice for him to try it.I'm clean down there,waxed and don't smell..


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  • You could try fingering yourself the next time you are with him. Once he sees how much it turns you on, he may not be able to resist getting into the action. Good luck!


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  • Tell him that if he doesn't want to do it, you'll find someone who does. Works every time.

  • Let's keep it fair. If he won't go down on you and he won't finger you, he shouldn't expect you to stroke him or go down on him either. Maybe it's time to find a new boyfriend.

    • I don't believe in withholding sexual pleasure

    • But it seems your boyfriend does? time for a re-think I would say...

    • Then like others say here, you're just gonna have to do it yourself. I sure hope you don't marry this guy.

  • Finger yourself.If he doesn't want to do either you shouldn't try to make him do it or convince him to do it.Not all guys want to finger or go down on their girls.Your orgasm,your issue

    • You must really suck in you have a girl, if you do then you won't for long with that attitude. So your telling us that a girls pleasure is her own responsibility and that her guy shouldn't have to be a part of that...because he doesn't want to. If he can't even be bothered to touch her then why have sex? If that's the case then I suppose we shouldn't be concerned about our guys getting off. Your orgasm, your issue.

    • No I don't suck in bed,yes I have a girl.But,i'm a guy and can get off easily.with girls it's more effort

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  • ummm maybe you should ask him again,haha and if he says no, then maybe the next time you have sex you should finger yourself lol, and then have him watch...then he might get INTO it and try it out for himself...