Girls...How often do you really think about/want sex?

Okay, I just really want to know. I already think us men get gypped by not getting to truly enjoy that multiple orgasm thing, but then to also be the horny toads that have to want sex 24-7, and then be matched with a woman that only wants it at the dawn of the first full moon of the secondary solstice...LOL. So, how often do you women really think about and truly want sex? Are there any of you women really as sex crazed and desperate for satisfaction as we men are?


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  • Well I have a really high libido and no boyfriend but I don't know if I just have a high libido because of the lack of a boyfriend lol. But yea I won't go into detail but many many many times a day I think about sex and have little moments in my mind lol. ; )

    • I know what you mean...It seems I'm always hornier when I have to go without...but yet, there are other times that I have it, and seem even more sex driven to have it again. So not sure if I'm just a horn dog, or just need to get more attention...LOL. Maybe a bit of both.

    • Hmmmmm so where are you now

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  • I always want sex. Especially if I like you and we've already had it before, it'll just make it that much harder for me to control myself around you.

    • Lol very funny

    • Oh I get it,,, its hard 4 you to get off when you get on something you like! lol...

  • lets see in the class I took research shows every 6 seconds!

    • Now that's more like it. Lol

    • Maybe like once every ten minutes or so ide say I'm usually pretty horny lol

    • I don't want the research...i want the facts How often do you think about it?

  • i think of sex all the time! like every day whenever, if I'm just at home or at a meeting or whatever.

    • Hmmmm,,,, are you on any protection gurl?

  • I think of it a lot! and I want it a lot also. me and my girls think that girls actually want it more then guys do.

    • Girls want sex more than guys?? wow you probably don't live in NY state then,,lol

  • surprisingly enough I think there are a lot of girls like me who are sex crazy mentally but are able to control themselves (or they just don't want to admit that their desires are as great if not greater than men's). I have to say that I think about sex almost every few minutes - might be those teenage hormones - but I haven't acted on those strong urges

    • Both, I have urges, big one, but I know how to control myself andi am a virgin and plan on staying that way for quite so time

    • Are you trying to say you are still a virgin...or you just know how to control yourself?

  • For me, I think about it frequently (probably, in at least an abstract way, every few minutes). But as for actually thinking about it in the sense of seriously, consciously spending more than a fleeting moment on it, and actually having the will/desire to have it, probably not that often.Basically, I enjoy sex - but I don't feel like I NEED to have it to be happy or comfortable in my daily life.

    • Do you feel that it is important in a relationship?

    • YES!!! what a thoughtful girl,,,, I vote for her WIN!!

  • Not enough...and no not sex crazed, not even close...

    • I know why your not,,, don't let this gurl fool (maugh)

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