Girls...How often do you really think about/want sex?

Okay, I just really want to know. I already think us men get gypped by not getting to truly enjoy that multiple orgasm thing, but then to also be the horny toads that have to want sex 24-7, and then be matched with a woman that only wants it at the dawn of the first full moon of the secondary... Show More

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  • Well I have a really high libido and no boyfriend but I don't know if I just have a high libido because of the lack of a boyfriend lol. But yea I won't go into detail but many many many times a day I think about sex and have little moments in my mind lol. ; )

    • Hmmmmm so where are you now

    • I know what you mean...It seems I'm always hornier when I have to go without...but yet, there are other times that I have it, and seem even more sex driven to have it again. So not sure if I'm just a horn dog, or just need to get more attention...LOL. Maybe a bit of both.