Girls is a 6 inch girth considered "thick" or "big" ?

If a guy has a 6 inch penis girth is that considered "thick" or "big" ? Some things on here have that 7" is the ideal size women want.


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  • I would say not huge or anything but decent. I think average for an erect penis is 5 or 6 inches so that is at least average.

    • You are talking about length. I am asking about girth. The distance around the penis.

    • Sorry I realize that now - need to pay attention - yeah that is quite large - could be fairly painful??

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  • Yeah, its pretty thick, I mean it might work but it would cause some serious stretching.

  • Since we're talking about girth, I'm going to say that that's definitely on the hefty side. I don't know about some girls but I know I would not be able to take anything that wide.


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