What does it feel like giving head?

Ok I know what it feels like to get head and such but what do girls like about penis in your mouth, like how it feels, what does it feel like to you try and describe it.


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  • It is not really about what it feels like for the girl. It is the what it is doing for the guy that you are doing it too. It is pretty awesome to know what you are doing is making him lose his mind. The more you get into it the more he just can't handle it and he has to just let it go. That is why we do it. Not for us for you. That is the pleasure we get out of it. You getting pleasure gets us off. Or should at least. So as far as how it feels it is like you would think it would be like. Soft and warm, and tastes like chicken. Lol. Kidding.

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  • Soo, honestly having a penis in my mouth is pretty much what it seems like.. it's really warm, and hard, obviously.. but still like, soft and a little bit squishy.. at first it kind of tastes like him.. and then once it's wetter then it gets more like, salty-ish.. and a little like cum or maybe it's just my imagination. It's a little fun feeling him go across my tongue.. and I like his reactions too.. and feeling him get harder and harder, but I'm always self-conscious about how I look doing it, and if it feels okay and everything else.. but I do like doing it :o)

  • I think it is a turn on for both guys and girls. Its the thought of doing something taboo. Your lips, tongue and mouth have a lot of nerve endings so it is very arousing to the girl also. My ex boyfriend described it as feeling like vaginal intercourse with a lot more different types of stimulation. Your tongue, lips and the edges of your teeth. Just my thoughts


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  • It feels like warm mushrooms on your "LIPS" like you are chugging a apple pie that tastes like salty lemonade