Possible to pop your own cherry?

a while ago I was masturbating and well all of a sudden I noticed blood, I just thought it was my period at first then I figured out it wasn't time. Did I pop my own cherry or did I just like hurt myself?

Answers please, kind of confused and worried.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It is unlikely that you "popped your hymen" as you did not mention any feeling of it popping. It is likely that you scratched yourself internally a bit. Anywhere you perforate the lining it will bleed. It is possible it was your hymen, but if it was I am guessing it is more likely that it was more on the order of a scratch than the traditional view of a popped cherry that would then allow sex without further tearing. In either case as long as the bleeding stopped, there is no pain, and no sign of infection there is nothing to worry about.