When do guys usually lose their virginity?

How old are guys when they lose their virginities?


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  • It seems to vary between very young and somewhat old (for losing virginity). My friends who were cool in high school (skateboarders, musicians, indie types) lost it when they were between 12 and 14; whereas myself and some of my less sociable friends lost it in their early 20s.

    You'd be really surprised at how many guys are virgins, I think. We all talk the talk but not all of us walk it. I think a poll of university students at some of the more elite colleges put male virginity at around 50%, meaning that more than 50% never had sex but some lied about it, I'm certain. Interestingly enough, far fewer females were virgins, which leads me to believe that there's a subset of guys who have a lot of sex with many women and a larger set that has not had it at all. Keep in mind though this poll was among university students at more rigorous schools, so among the general population it's much lower.