What happens if you get caught with a prostitute?

I have to face the facts and admit I'm far from good looking, have no game, don't make a lot of money, not good at flirting, am introverted, and basically just a loser. So getting women obviously doesn't really happen for me and not having a sex life anymore has really started to make me feel worthless and depressed, so I'm debating paying a prostitute.

I wish it was legal so I could go someplace nice and know everything is safe and I won't get arrested, but unfortunately that's not the case. so say I went on craigslist or something and tried to get a prostitute, and it ended up being a police sting operation, what would happen to me? is it a felony, misdemeanor, or even worse would I get put on the sex offenders list?

I really can't afford to ruin my life with a felony or the sex offenders list, but this depression and feeling of worthlessness has to go.


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  • I think that the prostitution question aside you are bringing up some very important parts of your psychological makeup and personality. Without judging you on the prostitution question, I can answer only this; which is that having propositioning one - which says nothing of actually having sex with one - is generally considered illegal. If the prostitute was a minor - whether or not you knew it - you could be required to register as a sex offender, depending on what state you were convicted in.

    More importantly, in describing yourself, you seem to project a mostly negative assessment of your life, using terms like loser. I say this in all honesty, no one is in reality a loser and to describe yourself as such really says a lot about the condition of your mental health. Perhaps it is time you use some of the money you might consider spending on a woman of the night on a licensed counselor who may help you do understand and accept some of these negative feelings. A lack of a sex life does not make someone a loser. In fact, nothing externally can do that. What's most important is that you recognize your value as a human being and deal with the underlying psychological and emotional issues you are describing. You may find that when you even begin to address these issues, you will feel better about yourself, more attractive and perhaps even able to attract someone for a meaningful and healthy relationship. Good luck.

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      I understand and accept these negative feelings, why else would I admit them openly? and I don't feel like a loser because of no sex life, just my regular life. no sex life just makes me feel unwanted/worthless/depressed.

      for all the rest I've commented the answers to other answerers

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      You do what you've gotta do, but telling people about these feelings and doing something about them that may help you live a happy and more fulfilling life is another thing. It's something that's tough to do but you and everyone else on this planet deserves it.