Can jacking off a lot affect your performance?

I jack of maybe twice a day.. and today my girl came over.. so I jacked off before she came I'd get the first load out of the way...

So we went at it for a bit.. and then when changing positions.. I lost it.. and couldn't get it up..

it wasn't till like 10 minutes later that I could get back into it..and go again..


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  • Frankly, TedEbear is full of $hit because while his idea might work for a few men (mainly himself), that's not how it works for everyone. The more you cum, the longer it will take you to come next time. The thing is though that some guys may only be able to get it up a certain amount of times a day or that stimulating one's self in such close intervals can leave that individual too desensitized to achieve orgasm the next time.

    NOTE: ...I say all this not based on stuff I've heard or read but from experience in relationships. In my current situation, if he stopped masturbating altogether his libido would go way down.

    But if you're still weary of my advice, you obviously have the internet at your disposal so look it up on some scholarly source. That way you will get facts and not the malarkey that the gentleman below me is trying to boast.

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      I'm sorry I must have misunderstood ! I thought a 40 + year old MAN not a 20 year old GIRL would know more about men, their anatomy and the way thing works. Please excuse me for interrupting you. Continue on MISS Sexuality Expert ! !