When you hug someone tightly, do you feel their penis against you?

girls; when you hug a boy (or bf) do you always feel their erection?

and guys; do you have/get an erection if you hug a girl


i love hugs.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I can't get erection from that, but if I happen to have one it can touch.

    I actually got, "Stop kicking me with your third leg!" from my girl. haha

    • Hahha, I love ur answer

      i always feel my guy's erection heh x.x

What Guys Said 6

  • I've never had the problem. Some might get one during a hug but I think most won't get an erection from just a hug.

  • Depends on the hug. Hug a friend parent coworker etc. then no it doesn't and hasn't happened. But a really good long hug tight against my girlfriend can do the trick. I mean come on her hips are against me and her chest against mine. She doesn't seem to mind at all though.

  • i try to keep it back, cause id be embarrassed if I had one, and she could feel it, I mean how would you feel if we could feel that you were wet, lol, anyway, yeah, I mean if she's being so seductive etc... that I can't hold it back then she's got no choice but to feel it, when we hug, but like I said, I'm pretty good at keeping it back

  • yea bad day to wear bike shorts and boxers

  • I get erect when I hug a gal.. before that you need to give some time for him to get excited.. so that you can feel it better...Give him a eye contact for some time and then start hugging..

    • Its not like I'm deliberately trying to make him get a boner and feel it up :p

What Girls Said 2

  • I don't feel it because he usually doesn't have an erection when he hugs me. (as in my bf) I have not felt one from a friend either. But my boyfriend did joke one time when I was startled that something moved down there (near his pocket): "Oh my penis just moved." It was his cell vibrating. hahaha

  • That happened when I hugged my co- worker. I didn't mind cause it;s natural so I just didn't pay attention was very hard cause he practically rubbed it against my leg but whatever.

    But if it happened just don't pay attention to it .