Do girls/women with wider hips (curves) have a looser vagina?

Do girls/women with wider hips (curves) have a looser vagina? I like curvy girls the best and am afraid they might have larger/looser vagina's and my 6 inch length and 5.5 inch girth won't be able to get good pressure in her vagina.


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  • No. Hip width has NOTHING to do with how loose a girl's vagina is. Here's what yahoo answers had to say about loose vaginas:

    Yes, your vagina can become loose, if you have frequent sex with "large" men. Generally speaking, your vagina will adapt to the size of your partners member and if you have frequent sex with large or larger than average men, then your vagina will adapt to their size. For example, the vagina of a 30 year old woman who is sexually active is probably not gonna be as tight as a 17 year old virgin.

    Notice is says nothing about hip width.


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  • Vagina size/tightness has no correlation with how curvy a girl is.

  • this is one of the dumbest questions I've ever read.


    absolutely not.

    you're probably not ready to be having sex if you asked a question like this. use a condom.

  • Absolutely not. Wide hips mean nothing about vaginal tightness. As someone else said, I'm a curvy girl with a good pair of hips on me, and I'm pretty dang tight.

  • No they don't, I'm quite a curvy girl so I would know ;)

  • im pretty sure someones hip size has nothing to do with that.

  • definitly not, I have huge hips and my boyfriend can barely fit 2 fingers

  • Those two elements are unrelated.

  • no


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  • No...

  • I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with tightness. You might be thinking of pregnancy difficulties, I believe that girls with wider hips have less chance of these. Correct me if I'm wrong?