Grinding, Erections?

ok so I love going to parties and clubs and grinding with hot girls but there's one problem. I almost always get an erection when grinding with a girl no matter who it is.i'm 16 and my questions are, are there any ways in which to keep from having an erection while grinding or to hide it? also I know I'm still young but when I'm in my college years 18-23, will it be easier to control an erection?

ok let me clarify I want to hear from anyone older who grinds and if they still get erections all the time during college or only every once in a while when the dancing's heated with someone they like.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know why you'd ever want to hide an erection while grinding or not to get one When girls grind hard that's why they do it, at least I do and so do my friends. I want to get that guy as hard as I can. lol! If you don't get one they might think you're gay. Besides, I've already had more than one guy come while grinding because I really got into him once I knew I had him hard. So just let it go wherever naturally. Girls like knowing they've given you one, the bigger and more noticeable the better, and that they're hot enough to make that happen to a guy .