Grinding, Erections?

ok so I love going to parties and clubs and grinding with hot girls but there's one problem. I almost always get an erection when grinding with a girl no matter who it is.i'm 16 and my questions are, are there any ways in which to keep from having an erection while grinding or to hide it? also I know I'm still young but when I'm in my college years 18-23, will it be easier to control an erection?

ok let me clarify I want to hear from anyone older who grinds and if they still get erections all the time during college or only every once in a while when the dancing's heated with someone they like.


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  • I don't know why you'd ever want to hide an erection while grinding or not to get one When girls grind hard that's why they do it, at least I do and so do my friends. I want to get that guy as hard as I can. lol! If you don't get one they might think you're gay. Besides, I've already had more than one guy come while grinding because I really got into him once I knew I had him hard. So just let it go wherever naturally. Girls like knowing they've given you one, the bigger and more noticeable the better, and that they're hot enough to make that happen to a guy .


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  • It's normal and it is expected. If I was grinding with a guy, I would expect him to have one and if he didn't then I would think that something was wrong with him. When you reach those college years, I doubt that they will be easier to control but then again I'm not a guy. But when you are in the club, as in those 18+ clubs, dancing with a girl don't feel bad because almost every guy in there will have one-trust me.

  • Don't try and control it I love to dance and I love when that happens to guys it turns me on! and yes the more experience you get it will become harder to get the erection!

    • Im a junior in college and guys seem to get them just the same!

  • Jus tape ur penis to ur leg...hahahaha.j.k

  • I have no problem with that kind of thing.

    Its natural, and I think any girl would feel flattered. =]

    I think the only thing you can really do about it is the up and tuck.


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  • No way.

    Anyhow,most girls will expect it.

    • If a girl doesn't like it, she will take distances. Don't insist then.

  • dont see why it would bother a girl... like the girls that answered its not a bad thing but if its a personal issue then just tuck it under ur belt XD

  • when I got hard when grinding on a girl, she didn't talk to me for a few weeks.

  • Just if you get it don't ignore it and don't shove it in her buttcrack, and wear compression shorts.

  • It's funny, a girl unexpected grinded on me at a blues thing last night. I rolled with it, but I did NOT get hard. I was exhausted as fuck, though. Funny this was, once I got relaxed after I went home, I was absurdly hard all night. (Less from her and more from someone else, later)

    So, even when everything seems to be functioning normally, eh, grinding doesn't always do it.