Why Is Virginity Important?

First off,i am 16 years old and a virgin.But I've always wondered,why is virginity important.Here's my thought,or opinion,everyone is born a virgin,virginity isn't something to be proud of or ashamed of because it isn't an accomplishment,it's just a natural part of life.Being a virgin doesn't make someone a better person,just as having sex doesn't make someone a better person.And in my personal experience,although I am a virgin,i notice some virgins[not all] have this "holier than thou" mentality,as though they are better than those who have had sex.I don't look down on people who have sex,i say as long as you're educated about safe sex,use protection and understand the consequences,then go right on ahead,of course there are certain circumstances that don't include what I'm saying.I'm not trying to push my views on other people,if that's what it sounds like,nor am I judging others for their sex lives or virginity,as I am one.I understand everyone has different views on sex,virginity and premarital sex,but I'm just wondering,why is virginity so important?


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  • A good question, well thought out and well written. I hope I can give you a worthy answer.

    In my opinion, it is not important. It is merely an individuals choice and that choice should be kept too oneself, not broadcast too the world. You are exactly right about the " "holier than thou" attitude many individuals display. Perhaps it is a way they can feel superior. Many people have self image problems and derive some satisfaction from feeling themselves superior too others.

    The origins of this myth are bifurcated by economics and religion. Priests were supposed to remain celibate and if they couldn't have any, they didn't want others to get any either. As they rose through the hierarchy of the church they eventually arrived at the level of making the religious rules and so they ordered no sex unless you are married. Some of the real Zealots went for no sex except for the purpose of trying to get pregnant. Probably the modern day prize winners would be the Shakers. They dictated no sex ever for any reason; which probably explains why the group eventually became extinct .

    The other reason is economics. It used to be that finding enough food was the major effort of mankind. We used to devote most of our effort just too producing enough food to survive. When you think about that you can easily understand why parents would be opposed to their daughters bringing home unwanted additional mouths to feed. In order to prevent pregnancy these parents fed their daughters all manner of propaganda with the intent of making them believe sex was a bad thing, that virginity was something to be cherished. They were in fact very successful as the attitude still exists today and modern day parents are still feeding daughters the same propaganda without even knowing why they are doing it. You see they are just parroting parental techniques they were exposed too as children.

    This will also give you an understanding of why it is that female virginity is such a treasure, but no significance is attached to male virginity. You see the sons never come home pregnant so no brain washing of the males was needed. In fact male promiscuity is sometimes applauded, the "stud".

    There are significant benefits too being a virgin and also significant drawbacks, just as there are both with benefits and drawbacks to being sexually active. In the end, sex should be delayed until the participant is able to deal with the ramifications in a responsible manner. One needs to be well informed on birth control, disease prevention, be emotionally stable and be able to financially and emotionally deal with the results.

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      MAINTAINING virginity despite crazy hormones IS an accomplishment. Falling into fornication is NOT an accomplishment

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      Are you kidding buddy? Anyone can choose not to have sex despite their raging hormones. Easy task. We choose to have sex because we want to.

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      There's a practial reason to it also.
      It's a bit important if you live in a small town and are bound to meet that first guy/girl every other day when shopping or daily on the job, even after both of you married another person: that could be a bit delicate given the fact that our education isn't able to cope with sexuality.
      In a big city or when you move out of town that isn't likely to happen.