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I am having sexual thoughts about my mother in law.

2 nights ago my mother in law came over and had some drinks with me and my wife. My wife and her mom are very open people and they talk about their... Show More

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  • All I gotta say is I'd kill my mother for making comments like that to my husband. Every woman on this planet knows that it's super easy to put an image into a man's mind, and your mother in law knew what she was doing. If your feeling sexual tension between yourself and your mother in law, yet still want to respect your wife, put some distance between you and your MIL. Don't allow her to come over and your wife isn't home or ever get caught in a situation where it's just you and her alone.

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  • It's a nice fantasy, but this didn't happen.

    • I suspect you're right about that.

  • What kind of mother would do that to her daughter? To even insinuate that she wants to have sex with you...

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  • Sounds like your working on a preview for penthouse forum. Hardly a question here. But more boasting.

  • She wants it... BAD...

  • I was thinking for a moment about an answer but I realize, I'm not really prepared to touch this one...In a nutshell, I think you're describing some sexual tension and perhaps some territory you don't want to enter into. Though it's perfectly acceptable to be sexually attracted to another woman - even if she is your mother-in-law - you may want to consider the awkwardness of this exchange the three of you had. Bizarre situation. Good luck.

  • I think you should tell your wife about it and see what she says. She may want to have a threesome.

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