What should I do while taking a girl's virginity?

Well I know about the confrontation thing and the foreplay , and all the preparation before deflowering her.

but the question is : when the blood comes out, do I stop and go back to kissing and these stuff and wait to the next time time we have sex to do it all or I continue the in and out process normally ? What should I do exactly ?


Most Helpful Guy

  • As people mentioned, every girl is different. What you want to have available just in case, is a towel underneath the girl. Once, because couple of other virgin girls had minimal or no bleeding, I had sex with a virgin, and she bled so much that it got all over the mattress, and well, not a pretty sight. Most of the times just follow the lead of the girl. Many don't know they are bleeding, so don't make it a big deal by saying, 'eeeewwwww', or acting disgusted. Also, if she is bleeding, she will most likely would want to stop and wash up; that also happened, but after she was all washed up, she said, 'now, I want to get this over' so it was back to having sex. So to recap, go with the flow because some girls don't bleed much, while the ones that do bleed might either be in too much pain to go on, or will want to wash up and continue. But whatever you do, don't act disgusted.