What should I do while taking a girl's virginity?

Well I know about the confrontation thing and the foreplay , and all the preparation before deflowering her.

but the question is : when the blood comes out, do I stop and go back to kissing and these stuff and wait to the next time time we have sex to do it all or I continue the in and out process normally ? What should I do exactly ?


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  • As people mentioned, every girl is different. What you want to have available just in case, is a towel underneath the girl. Once, because couple of other virgin girls had minimal or no bleeding, I had sex with a virgin, and she bled so much that it got all over the mattress, and well, not a pretty sight. Most of the times just follow the lead of the girl. Many don't know they are bleeding, so don't make it a big deal by saying, 'eeeewwwww', or acting disgusted. Also, if she is bleeding, she will most likely would want to stop and wash up; that also happened, but after she was all washed up, she said, 'now, I want to get this over' so it was back to having sex. So to recap, go with the flow because some girls don't bleed much, while the ones that do bleed might either be in too much pain to go on, or will want to wash up and continue. But whatever you do, don't act disgusted.


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  • Go really slow. The blood won't be a problem, it would be if she is hurting or not. Some girls don't even bleed. I didn't. And it didn't hurt for me either so every girl is different. Just make sure she knows that you care about her and try to worry about how she's feeling a little more than your own pleasure ha

  • Thing is, not all girls will bleed when losing their virginity because sometimes their hymens are already broken or are just really thin. It can break from just riding a bike! LOL.

    My first time, I didn't bleed so it wasn't a problem. But it did hurt. Like a bitch, so we had to hold it off until the next round.

    The best thing to do is make sure that she's lubricated and relaxed, and if it does grow uncomfortable, just watch her body language and expression, and stop/slow down if she doesn't feel okay with continuing. Just make sure prior to starting, that she knows that you guys are free to stop whenever.

    Hope this helps!

  • Not Much blood is involved so if you carry on you probably won't notice until you "take it out". I'm not sure about if you're not wearing a condom though.

  • Just be gentle, and if she asks you to slow down or stop then do.

  • Be attentive to her, if you notice she is uncomfortable or in discomfort, try to be more gentle or patient...but if she says she fine, don't ask her every single second because she might be turned off. Take it nice and slow..


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  • Keep having sex, you'll most likely hurt her feeling if you don't finish.

    "He did that to me and it hurt and he didn't even get off - what's wrong with me? "

    Just have her drink a little wine or smoke a little weed first maybe - then just go about it like normal - well - I hope you normally are passionate about sex - don't do the whole contest to shave 30 seconds off your best time.

    There really isn't usually that much blood BTW - it will most likely not even be noticeable - there a lot more if your having sex with a girl on her period

    All-in-All, It depends on the girl, everyone is different

  • Do what feels natural and stay with the flow. You are not preparing for surgery or any other highly clinical work so don't over analyze or prepare. Let the moment slowly take you in the right direction.

    So if you feel like kissing her, do it, if you feel like continuing intercourse while kissing her, do it. Just /do not/ over analyze or make it feel mechanical or orchestrated.

  • If her discomfort subsides enough for her continue, then you should continue .

    But if it doesn't, you just hold her and stay with her for a while, reassuring her that it's okay and that things are going to be just fine .