Do you guys like girls' feet ?

and do you like girls feet smell and taste ? girls what do you think ?


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  • I absolutely love feet. They're sweet, and perfect parts of the body. Completely drives me crazy when my girlfriend is bare foot or wears flip flops. Shoes? Not so much.

    I could kiss her feet all day, and it's a deeper kind of love than people just condening it as weird would first think.

    You look down at your feet. They're the furthest thing away from the parts that men are usually interested in, and they're also the lowest. Imagine it as though a guy is worshiping you. Very romantically. Imagine that he's lookign up at you in all your glory, and loves every inch.

    The other part is the hidden aspect. When you see a girls legs, you might go wow, because it's something you don't see a massive amount of. Feet are almost taboo. You barely ever get to see them. When you do and if they're not an odd shape, there's something so femenine about them when they're painted, pastille looking, and pointed out.

    Size is important because generally, the slenderer the better. This can mean, a like for, big, long feet, or a like for smaller feet altogether.

    As for smell and taste, I can't vouch, but the great part about kissing a girls feet (and seriously, this is the 21st century, try everything once) is kissing the dip above the toes, where it's the softest, and also, kissing the soles is almost all encompasing, as though you're worshiping your lover completely. Also, kissing a girls soles, will obviously make her laugh, which is always a bit of fun.

    Foot fetish, is the most popular fetish in the world. If you're thinking about it, it's not even weird, there's millions more. Girls, if you're guy want's to do this? It's because he loves more of you than any other man can, and it's an oddly heartfelt, and dainty thing.


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      I agree with most of what you said, but slender is not better. That is your opinion. You should re-word that. I am so glad I am not one of those picky feet guys. I love girls with slender feet, fat chubby wide feet, short toes, long toes and everything in between. As long as they are beautiful feet on a young girl, I am in love=P This is why I love female feet. They are so interesting because they come in all different shapes and sizes. I'm not into big feet though/ it reminds me of boy feet=(