Do most girls finger themselves?

If so how many fingers? and what's your fave thing to do


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  • I will and use one or two fingers depending on my mood and how horny I am. Usually one or two fingers inside and use my thumb to rub my clit.

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  • i do - - - usually only one - I'm very tight so yeah!

  • Yes, most girls do finger themselves. N with different girls, it all depends how many fingers you use. Some girls can do 2, and some girls can use 4. But yea it's practically normal 4 girls 2 do that. like when a guy masturbates.

  • I don't finger myself...but I love to be fingered. lol

  • once in a while but its not pleasurable for me maybe because I'm a virgin or something.

  • I don't...I honestly don't feel anything at all when I finger myself, and there are other things I can do to get off, so personally there's no need for ME to finger MYSELF. when someone else is doing it, that's a whole different story.

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  • I don't know it's not that common. Well, my last girlfriend was Korean so their perception of sex is different, but still I know guys masturbate but my girlfriend had never done it before, and she didn't know how to do.