Play with myself in front of my boyfriend?

Id like to play with myself in front of my boyfriend but I don't know how to go about it? Or even if he'd like it? I'm just worried he won't like it...our sex is amazing and we have fun but I'm worried he wouldn't like that? Should I talk to him about it or what?


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  • Talk about it if you want to be polite, but really, you could probably just do it. I doubt he'd mind.


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  • i'd be surprised if he had a problem with it; could be a good game - get him to sit & watch & see how long he can control himself ;)

    have fun

  • Hmmm. Take it easy on this one. Work yourself up to it. Take it slow.

  • I say go for it but ease on in there like something like that sorry lost the ideal would have been a good plan to.

  • I can't imagine a guy not liking to watch you play with yourself. It sounds like fun. I would say just go ahead and do it..

  • Best thing in a relationship is open communication. Talk to him. Or unless you want to surprise him, just start playing with yourself when you expect him to come in the room to walk in on you playing with yourself.

  • most guys love to watch... definitely see what he thinks! :)

  • Sounds like a good time, go for it.


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  • Talk to him.They key to any healthy relationship is communication.Of course,you could always surprise him.But I suggest just bringing it up,cause some,very few guys do not like the idea of females masturbating.Just say "i thought it might be fun for you to watch me masturbate"

  • Personally, my boyfriend loves it. As well as the fact that he loves watching me enjoy myself I'm pretty sure he uses it to pick up tips hahah! I find it really fun as well as intimate and once you know he enjoys it, it becomes much more of a turn on. Which made me so much more comfortable as I was nervous doing it for the first time. If you are nervous just zone out and pretend he isn't there! :) enjoy it!

  • I don't see why you just don't do it! I can't imagine a guy not loving that. The first time I just started doing it when he had just fingered me a little. He sat back and then sat on a chair and just watched me dazed as I brought myself to orgasm. A little later he went down on me and brought me to another one. It was awesome. Now he really gets excited watching me whenever I do it.