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How much money would it take for you to show a guy your boobs?

Some say money can't buy everything. Others say everything has a price. So then, how much would it take for a two minute peek under your shirt?NOTE: This is not a solicitation for sex. It's simply a question to understand the economics of behavior.

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  • thats actually a really good question. I'd say a solid 40 bucks. maybe drop it down to thirty if I really needed the cash. but that would be just for a flash of the boobs. if they really wanted a two minute grace period. id be like 80? nah maybe 60? I'm not sure. depends on if they catch me in a good mood.

    • This is in response to you talking about how much it would take to show your boobs. Would you be interested in a Online sugar daddy who will pay you for seeing your body and playing online with him? im willing to give cash, buy gifts or pay bills for you.

What Girls Said 7

  • I have a bf so I can`t but if I was single I`d prob do it for like 50.

  • it all depends on the girl I don't think you can pay me for flashing so that's me but I bet an easy girl wouldn't mind

    • A million dollars for a two minute peek. Would you do it?

  • Like $1000 but it really depends on the situation

  • well it really depends on who the guy is. Some random guy, that I don't know at all... $200 but for a really good friend we could do a "i'll show you something, if you show me something" lol

  • haha I can't believe I am answering this. but, when I was much younger I did it for $100
    it was a dare...

  • It depends on whether or not you're attractive. If you're an 8+ $100. If you're below that, go away.

What Guys Said 5

  • I am loving these answers right now.

  • Men can't typically ask these types of questions that makes us perverts!

  • it depends on a girl and how slutty/ drunk she is...i had hot girls flash me for free and I know girls that wouldn't take their shirt off even for 1000 dollers

  • Goddamn. THIS is a good question.Seriously. lol

  • I show my penis when I'm drunk.

    • A little too much info there bro

    • Nonsense :D

    • Only if your uncomfortable with your sexuality.