I'm 16,Virgin, Have never Been Kissed Or In A Relationship,Is this Weird?

Well,I'm 16 and a virgin,i have never had a bf,or even been kissed,so I haven't had my first kiss.Is this weird?

I feel bad cause most of my friends have already had sex,and I haven't even been kissed,except for my first grade kiss and that doesn't count


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  • No hun, I personally think that is not weird at all. According to your question, why are you thinking that way? We don't have to go through all that at the age of 16 or even 17 because remember 16-17 are still under-aged. You are very young, don't think about it now because you still have many years to do it.:)


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  • In all honesty I think I would prefer someone without prior experience just because its more innocent and real in my belief. I think its cute attracting and somewhat of a turn on

    well considering we are near the same age feel free to message me ;)

    not creeper status lol

  • I'm 20 year old virgin never had a gf, been kissed, Or In A Relationship no it just takes time. I'm waiting for the right girl which I can't seem to find.

  • No it's not weird at all. Makes your value as a girlfriend go up in my book!

  • im 18 and at the same place you are

  • i don't think its weird because I'm 17 and still a virgin, no kiss or relationships etc.

  • no that not weird at all...i was the same way...the exact same things too...16, virgin, no kiss, no gfs...but that all changed...between 16 and 17 all of those changed...so no its not weird at all...its just how you r...don't feel weird about it

  • It's not weird, it's a personal choice. I have a cousin who was into her mid-20's before she met the guy who she ended up marrying. She wasn't with anyone before him. I think it's good to wait and be with the person you love and want to be with the rest of your life. It will all come in good time, but don't feel the need to have sex or anything just because "everyone else is". Just think about what you want and what you want to do. Try to think about whether or not you'll regret something later. That's usually a pretty good indicator of how you really feel.

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  • no its not weird.

    there are many questions on here that ask the same thing

    and I always tell them its about the person: you.

    i had my first kiss and first real boyfriend [ one that lasted longer than a week lol ] a few months before my 16th birthday.

    now at that time point in life, there will always be those handful of people who have made out with multiple people, had sex, etc.

    but that's them.

    you're time for your first everything will most def come when you least expect it.

    i know how hard it can be with those handful of people are around you saying they've done xyz.

    but focus on what's important in your life.

  • no there's nothing wrong with that... I'm 16 and I was a virgin up until a few days ago and I wish I wouldn't have done what I did... just go on being you and be confident and don't worry the guys will come to you... and don't give yourself up to just any guy... and don't let them talk you into anything your not ready for... I did that HUGE MISTAKE

  • That's not weird at all. Sometimes things happen sooner for others, it will all happen to you in time :)

  • of because not!

    Iam 18, and still a virgin, no kiss or relationship

  • No way I'm in the same boat, I've been kissed but aside from that I'm pure. Just remember some people fudge the truth about how far they've gone

  • no way I'm 18 a virgin and I had my first kiss like a couple months ago..ur totally fine