Girls, do you like it when a guy cums on your face? Guys, is it attractive?

What's your opinion? And guys, do you think girls you can come on their faces are stupid? Because I know a lot of guys laugh and talk sh*t about girls with come on their face after a bj.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not into that at all. I don't even like watching it in porn.

    If a guy thinks it's hot and you don't mind, though, I don't see any harm in playing along. Just be sure he's been tested for STDs first! Also be sure he's not the kind of douche bag who will talk sh*t about you later because of it.

    By the way, if a guy talks sh*t about a girl after she does him any favor sexually, then cross him off your list and tell all your female friends to do so as well. If you f*** him or let him orgasm on your face or whatever, he'll just use it as an excuse to start a bunch of drama. Why put up with that? Find another guy who doesn't try to shame you for pleasing him - there are plenty of us in the sea.