Girls, do you like it when a guy cums on your face? Guys, is it attractive?

What's your opinion? And guys, do you think girls you can come on their faces are stupid? Because I know a lot of guys laugh and talk sh*t about girls with come on their face after a bj.


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  • I'm not into that at all. I don't even like watching it in porn.

    If a guy thinks it's hot and you don't mind, though, I don't see any harm in playing along. Just be sure he's been tested for STDs first! Also be sure he's not the kind of douche bag who will talk sh*t about you later because of it.

    By the way, if a guy talks sh*t about a girl after she does him any favor sexually, then cross him off your list and tell all your female friends to do so as well. If you f*** him or let him orgasm on your face or whatever, he'll just use it as an excuse to start a bunch of drama. Why put up with that? Find another guy who doesn't try to shame you for pleasing him - there are plenty of us in the sea.


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  • This is something I really dislike in porn. Receiving oral sex has never done it for me, and probably never will. I like to give pleasure.

    Cumming on a girls face is one of the most distasteful things I can think of. Moreover, I simply cannot fathom men who say they don't like giving anal sex (which is pleasurable for the girl) and get their rocks off with oral and 'facials'.

    But then, it's a crazy world.

  • I think that'd be pretty funny too.

  • I don't think they are stupid at all. Many guys find it hot, myself included! I have heard guys make fun of girls they have done it to, so make sure you only let guys you trust do it.

    If you don't want them to come on your face, swallow it. The guy will LOVE that!

  • It's a hot thought but then when you're done your girl has a faceful of come and it's just silly.


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  • I love it but I wouldn't do something like that out of a relationship. It's sort of a marking your territory kind of thing which can be hot but if the guy doesn't really care about you then I just feel disrespected

  • I think the girls only get made fun of it it wasn't expected in the first place- and perhaps the girl did not want it etc. I let my guy come on my face and I also beg him to let me swallow all his cum. I however- am a very sexual person. I think the level of confidence has to do with whether you look or feel stupid. Then again- as stated in a previous posting only allow this to go on with someone you can sincerely trust.

  • i don't like it on my face, id rather want it on my stomach