My Ex of 2 years was 9 inches. Current boyfriend...not so much.

I'm kind of nervous to have sex with my boyfriend because well...he's not as big as my ex. My ex boyfriend was so big we literally couldn't find a condom that would, not even ultra magnums. I pretty much had sex with him for 2 years straight. Now I'm dating a new guy and he's not small, he is just not nearly as big as my ex. Do you think it will bother him a lot? He has only had sex with one other girl and she was a he has never had sex with a girl who's been with other guys, I'm scared he is going to think I'm loose...or whatever. Am I wrong? Or what? Guys-What would you think?


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  • Don't tell him then. If he really wants to know I suppose you can tell him but don't bring it up like "By the way my last boyfriend's dick was WAY bigger than YOU". Not that I'm saying you're likely to. I'm just saying that if by some chance you were the type I'd advise against it.

    Anyway I'd suggest that if it's at all possible try to avoid telling him until after you had sex. Let him figure it out on his own. I mean it's not as if you have a problem with him being smaller than an ultra magnum, now do you?

    • No, I have no problem with his size at all, just scared he's going to think lower of me. I'm scared to say anything about my ex's size. and I don't think I should say anything to him..cuz I don't want him to think he has someone to size up to. because he doesn't. because I personally think size is not everything. I sure as hell didn't stay with my ex as long as I did for his dick.

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    • You definitely succeeded in making me feel better about this. thank you so much!

    • Aww thanks luv'

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  • Hey, sorry home girl. Just the way you talked about your ex's size kinda made it seem like that meant a lot to you. My bad (complete misunderstanding). I'll tell you something, my wife gave birth to my son 9 months ago: 10 lbs 2.2 oz. She was tight before the baby but I had just witness a crying watermelon exit my girl's vagin. I thought to myself "damn...her sh*t will never be tight again.

    I was wrong. It was back to the original tightness like nothing ever happened. So if she can deliver a watermelon and be fine, you gone be straight.

    Always remember: Wieners don't loosen vaginas...babies do.

  • Don't mention that sh*t to him AT ALL! Keep the size issue to yourself. Here's the thing: If you told your boyfriend you weigh 155 lbs and his reaction was an eyebrow raise and a "oh...well you're still hot baby." would you feel? That sh*t would make you feel like "damn, does he think I'm a fat pig?" You will automatically feel insecure. So since it's something that concerns you, what I would do is have sex with this stud and if he can rock it, well let him do his thang. But if 7-9 inches is the deal breaker...well you gotta find what makes you happy.

    PS: The best way to tell size of a man's dick is to measure from the absolute bottom of his palm to the top of the middle finger and that will give you the exact length of his pecker. Easy. So if/or when you meet a new guy...just tell him you love hands and do your test.

    • Ughhh everyone keeps thinking I care about the size. I dont. I am scared he is going to care about how loose/tight I am! I could care less about the size of a guy, that sh*t doesn't matter, it just matters if they know how to use it, even then it doesn't always matter. I love this guy. I just don't want him to think any lower of ME. I do not ever plan on telling him the size of my ex bf's dick. why would any girl be that shallow?

  • Do you think it will bother him a lot? Are you kidding? The question is, will it bother you a lot! Sounds like, yes!

    • No. it won't bother me at all. I honestly hated having sex with my ex, even though we had sex for two years, it still f***ing hurt. I hated having sex with him. but we did, a lot. I don't think anything of his size, because he's not small...hes more like the perfect size. but I hear so much about guys talking about girls being loose, I don't want him to think that about me...

    • Well if you're aroused by your current boyfriend, all that blood flow should help smooth things out now won't it. :)

  • u need to give him a chance. don't mention much about sex with your ex. and to me it sounds like ur putting sex with ur ex as this amazing wonderful thing that none can matchup to. if I was him id be scared to have sex with you too. remember size helps but you can have a huge dick like ur ex but still be a bad lay or you can be average size and be great. what you need to do is find positions that you both enjoy and talk with him during sex if you like one thing or don't like another tell him! let it be known but not in a bitchy way. you can get him to blow ur mind if he's willing to listen to what you like.

    • Oh he has no idea about my ex....ive never told him, I'm not that shallow that I'm just going to announce that my ex's dick was huge. just, when we do have sex, I'm scared he's going to think I'm loose or something...because I had sex with something so big for 2 years straight...and my current boyfriend is not so I'm scared he's going to think lower of me because of how tight, or not tight I am.

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    • Yea it will tighten you back you enough. it won't feel like ur first time but its gonna be fine for him if he's average size

    • I hope year right =]]]

  • ya don't tell him and actually unless your verr superficial the size of his penis should not matter to any body

  • I was really asking for myself. Ha. You probably knew that. My gf's ex was large...I know this because I knew them before and she openly talked about it. She worried that she would have to start dating black dudes because he stretched her out. I KNOW...anyway, somehow we started dating very soon after they broke up. She said she's been doing kegels and that it is getting tighter and tighter every week or so. Can you tell me though did you notice a significance in "pressure" the first time you had sex with your new bf? And, did it worry you or did you know your body would eventually adjust. I'm just trying to get a better feel of what she is thinking. THANKS YOU SO MUCH for any answer! :)

  • Soooo? How did it go? Did he notice? Did you eventually adjust to his size? Did things work out?

    • Well I ended up staying with that same guy for 2 years. =] And it was by far the greatest sex of my life, no one could ever compare to our sex life lol.

      So yes, I adjusted to his size pretty fast and he never mentioned it and I never bothered to mention it either. So, it worked out wonderfully.

    • That is great to hear. I'm sorry it didn't work out for other reasons. I have a friend who just broke up with her boyfriend of about 2 yrs. She is 30 and he is 21. She met him when he was 19! She told me that this kid stretched her out because of how huge he is. I told her that it will go back eventually but that the first few times with a man that is avg in size may not be mind blowing for her...until she adjusts. How long did it take for you to adjust to the smaller size? Thanks for answering!

  • You can't come back from it. My ex was a "virgin" and when I was hard as I could be she said is that all.. My life is hell since than not to mention my gf now which isn't going great, told me about her past and how big some guy was. All it does is put the current person down and make nothing better or new for the both of you. I'll always feel inadequate around people and that's from just my own knowledge I'd hate if I had to walk around naked next to everyone. Not cause my boobs are flat but because there's nothing for a guy with a small dick so watch your tongue and just let him go. You can't possibly ever get off like before so just let go and move on. Your a dirty slut that found out a big dick can't be good forever. And decided it was over and found out love is about connection or emotions and what you can do out side together not alone.


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  • Just remember your ex's size is your little secret. No one else has to know, especially your current boyfriend. Don't even worry about that anymore. He already knows you've had sex with him a lot so if he asks just tell him he was just a little smaller than he is. That'll suit him fine because it's really none of his business how big a di*k any of your previous partners were. Nothing for you to feel back about because it's not lieing nor are you not telling him something he has a right to know. He has NO right to know. Well, now he will be having sex with a girlfriend that's had sex before so he just has to get used to it, and he will. Good luck! You were fortunate to have an ex that was that well endowed, so now you also will have to make an adjustment so that makes both of you even.

    • Thx! and year totally right.

    • Good! Thank you!

  • So how was it? Is sort of my situation right now? Thanks!!