Do you girls spit it or swallow it? (Poll)

What do you do more often?

  • Vote A Spit
  • Vote B Swallow
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Guys, you can comment. but please don't vote, it looks weird.
Alright, if you are voting for your girlfriend, that's fine, just leave a note that was the reason.
Guys, you need to vote for your experience with girls to see the results, forget what I said.
I meant forget what I said before at the end of my last update (talking about the first 2 updates)..


Most Helpful Girl

  • Awesome to see the general attitude of the women who posted to this question. I swallow all the way as often as I can get it. Unless of course it gets all over my face and then I'm really in heaven. It's all natural and part of good hot sex. Love it love it love it.