Girls,have you ever put your foot between a guy's legs under the table?

Girls,have you ever put your foot between a guy's legs under the table? what happened?


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  • Of course,all guys like that.My current has a real leg fetish(so do I)and loves for me to wear really sexy and silky nylons or pantyhose,and during dinner,I'll slip off my heels and rub his crotch,with my feet,it really gets him off.When we're at home he'll let me stroke his penis with my nyloned feet until he cums all over them.It's very sexy,when he does it.

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  • no but that sounds like a good idea I think the guy would get really turned on!

  • Nope, can't say I ever have.

  • yep I did once wen we out to a restaurant with my boyfriend lol He just looked at me and smiled I think he was getting turned on and clearly it did cause wen we went home he was fired up...

  • Many, many times ;) And lots of fun things happen in his bedroom later, punishing me for being a naughty little tease. hehe I do so love teasing him! ;)

  • Uh yea he smiled at me and I was at the lake

  • im not sure if it was exactly between his legs but I accidentally kicked him lightly once under the table and he thought I was playing footsy and he laughed smiling...

  • Yup I did and he got really turned on lol

  • I would love to...the opportunity to do so has not arisen yet.

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