Stupid question, but... why do guys like to look at pictures of naked women?

I'm not a highly attractive woman and I'm quite insecure. I usually feel ugly. Ok, so my boyfriend is upset because I'm insecure. He says I'm to bitter and worry about nonsense and that he feels like he can't do anything that he wants.

I get upset that he looks at pics of naked women. Not to masturbate, he masturbates to porn videos, because he says he prefers getting off to the acts. But why does he like looking at pictures of naked women? I asked him, and he got upset and couldn't really answer he said "Well, just because! So what if I want to?". I don't really get it since I never actively look at pictures of other men, because I don't feel like it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asexual, it's just I did when I was younger and single, but not now that I'm with him, I just don't get the urge.

This will sound stupid, but I feel even uglier because he looks at these gorgeous girls, who, without the airbrushing still look better than me. Ugh, so why do guys like looking at these pics so much? I feel so ugly, and he doesn't understand he says that's stupid. I'm not asking him to stop, I just want him to understand that it makes me feel ugly, I mean come on, they are hired because they're gorgeous and I could NEVER EVER get a job as a model!


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  • You seem like a decent girl, and I feel sorry for your situation. You shouldn't beat up on yourself so much, the world will do that enough on its' own. I went out with one girl who didn't look like much in public, but was the best I ever had, in private...