Is it normal for girls to have a little hair around their butt hole?

Girls, how many of you out there have hair there?

Guys, do you find it really unattractive or would it not really make a difference as long as she's well groomed otherwise?

Girls, is there anything you do to get rid of it? Have you had any experience with guys saying something about it?

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  • Yes, and if you lead a healthy life and eat the right things, it will eventually go away.

    • Why would it go away?

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    • Yeah but I think we can all agree that hair in certain places can be a turn-off. I'm just suggesting that there may be actual, real reasons why some people have hair around their butt and some people don't. And, I have floated what these reasons might be. Take it or leave it. I'm done here.

    • The hair is there because many years before you idiots were born we were primates, completely covered in hair. since then we have evolved, and hair in pubic regions, asswhole, armpits, head, eyelashes, are remnants of that body hair that help to keep out nasty stuff like dirt and bugs that cause infections. Some people have more hair due to the wide genepool that is the human race. The whole bad goes in, bad goes out is rubbish.