Guys & Girls Have you ever walked in on your brother or sister?

and they were naked? How much did you see? What did you do?


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  • Yes. Even tho in my family we're very careful to knock, my brothers weren't shy. They worked out a ton and took good care of themselves so they felt extremely proud of their bodies. They never closed their doors if they were naked. Walking back from the shower they sometimes didn't bother putting clothes on. We got used to it pretty quick and it stopped being a big deal.

    Me and my sisters were the opposite. No one ever say saw naked by accident, even each other. Seeing each other nude on purpose, is another story.

    • Ever see them hard?

    • Would you ever do anything with your brothers I have 2 sisters


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  • I walked in on my brother masturbating watching a porno... I'd already saw his thing before I realized what was going on...he's 18. I walked in on my other brother masturbating in bed right away in the morning when I went in to wake him up for school..he's 14. both times I just walked out, completely uncomfortable and none of us have spoken about it. I'm glad! ugh!

  • NO! Thank God...either way would have been just AWFUL! We always knocked and waited for a response, thankfully...

  • lol yes.

    thats happened a few times thru out the years with my brother.

    i would stare for like a second

    and close the door quick. [ that was when I was younger ]

    or he came out the shower

    i would be like "eh". lol

    everyone in my house has seen everyone's business by now

    • What would you see and what would he be doing?

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    • Girls look hot naked?

    • Umm...thats up to you to decide that.

      im not attracted to females

  • Ive walked in on my brother Jacking off. He saw me...I just closed my eyes and backed up as fast as I could.

    horrifying. Guys have no shame.

    • Did he stop jackin or did he carry on?

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    • I didn't knock because the DOOR WAS OPEN lol

    • Have you been caught by anyone yet? to be honest we all jack off need to with all the stress

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  • I caught my sister spying on me when I was jacking off... I just kept going