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How does being eaten out feel?

I've never tried it before, but if you could explain it in full detail that's be great.Guys: Just tell me how you'd do it, in full detail please.

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  • I like to massage the legs a little while she's on her back, move my way up her legs, kiss/lick/massage my hand on her thighs get close to the vajayjay. with my tongue ill lick and play with her labia, around the clit (lol I like to torture her first ) then maybe ill kiss her thigh a couple times and then come back to her pussy, then start licking the inside of the lips, up to her clit sucking gently on it and then letting it go. eventually once we're in the heat of things, I'll start to play with ur clit more like doing the ABCs with my tongue to make it feel nice and not just repetitve for her, when she's wet enough or if it feels she wants more, ill stick a finger in (or two if she can handle it) and ill start to fingerf*** her, starting slow and going faster, make it a little rough because she can handle it haha. then since its getting really hot, ill put my hand on her pelvis to force her down and prevent her from moving too much while I'm playing her clit in my mouth doing all kind of saucy and kinky things to it like sucking on it, flickin it with my tongue... while I'm looking in her eyes and doing her with my fingers.. maybe my hand goes up to her breast to fondle it or take my fingers out, lick em and put it in her mouth to taste her own juices, make it wet...i could either just eat her out till she cums and or finger her really nice and hard with my 2 middle fingers and really going at it till she comes again and again... finish it by kissing her on her lips and still rubbing her clit nice and slow, maybe go for en encore and do it again or maybe go for some sex... eating a girl out is just foreplay to me lol. but its like eating dessert before the main course :)also, I'm pretty horny right now lol

    • Haha that made me kinda wet reading it :)

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    • I would steal you for a night if I didn't have a man lol

    • 3mo

      Well damn. Can you like teach a class or something?

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  • me, I start fingering her and playing wit her pussy. then I slide my tongue ring up and down. then I start going faster. I sometimes shove my tongue deep inside. then I start fingering her as I lick her clit. I LOVE doing it. ;]

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  • I never tried it until recently but I fucking loved it. I think every woman should experience it if they have not already.

  • It feels great, I been eaten out by guys and other girls. My whole body tingles when its done to me.

  • It is amazing. The first time I ever came was when a girl ate me out. Most fantastic feeling there is. If you've never tried it before, you should.

  • well it kinda hard to describe how it feels...but it does feel AMAZING haha :)

  • I guess I'm missing out on such a wonderful feeling, I've never been eaten out :/ lol

  • it feels great but I can't ever cum.

    • Get a girl to do it, guys usually aren't as great at it.

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