Can you use a condom in the shower?

my boyfriend keeps talking about having sex in the shower and I'm not on the pill.. wondering if I should do it or not?

im 16.. I have already asked and there's not even a planned parenthood around where I live.
I'm 16.. I have already asked and there's not even a planned parenthood around where I live.


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  • Yeah you can. I've done it several times.. It's a lot harder because you have to get the positioning right but it can be done. If you're worried about it though maybe tell your boyfriend you'd rather not have sex in the shower and try another place like the bed or the floor even until you feel comfortable. But I've done it several times in the shower and I'm still not pregnant. It really only comes off if you have crappy condoms or your boyfriend doesn't know how to put one on right.

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  • This may seem silly but, why not just get on the pill? You can still use a condom and then if there is a malfunction you still have protection.

    • I love people who vote you down but won't comment on why. I posted my comment before she updated with not having a planned parenthood nearby.

  • the water of the shower will mess up your lubrication and that of the condom, increasing friction and increasing the chance of a tear.

  • as long as there is a rubber, go to town! the only issue w/condoms is non WATER based lubes as they destroy the latex allowing for stds or pregnancy. trust me, ur good to go

  • Nope, it melts in water. :P

  • If he's that into you, he won't object to using a condom in the shower.

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  • Sorry, but if you're boyfriend is pressuring you into things, especially sex, he's probably a loser.

    • Did you consider that maybe she wants to do it too, and that maybe it was just his idea?

    • We have had sex several times. he's not pressuring me into anything. it was an idea. and no, he's not a loser.