Are you circumcised?

Just seeing what’s more com in with guys are you circumcised?

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  • yup. and 38rakia...I hope you're kidding..because that's not true. I'm pretty sure it all started because doctors believed that you would be much less likely to get STDs (there was a specific one but I don't remember which it was)

    • You're such a dude, broOHHHH what now?!Gonna call me "Buddy" or even "Guy"?!?Say it, bring it on. What kind of world do we live in where people call each other dudes!!!! Cruel world of agony!!!

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    • Still not convinced. Sorry. are an immature douche. You are now blocked as well.

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What Guys Said 7

  • Yes I am circumcised. Happy about it, and proud of it!

  • yes I'm circumcised

  • Yes.

  • No and I am against having it done to infants. If a guy wants to have it done later in life when he's able to make up his own mind then by all means. But I don't think it's something that parents can simply decide for him.

  • I am circumcised- want to see?

  • Flowchart for this question.Q1: Are you a male?NO: Go to Q2YES: Go to Q3Q2: Where you born in Egypt before 2007?YES: Tragically, you're probably circumcised.NO: You're probably not circumcised.Q3: Were you born in the USA?YES: You're probably circumsised.NO: You're probably not circumsised.---------------Ok so that's some pretty heavy generalisations, but I'd guess for the majority of people it'll hold true.

  • No, I am not.

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  • My boyfriend is uncircumcised... but he's from latin America.

  • Tyrantfuryre, why the hell should I show respect to you? I don't even know you. And I find it funny that you call me an asshole when you're the one who condescendingly said "I hope you're kidding" in you're original answer, in response to what 38rakia said. Get off your high horse!

    • That was very rude of him, I wudn't call a girl that, but don't mind him

  • I like uncut to be honest.You'll find that more American's are circumcised than Europeans.You can thank the Kellogg's guy for that. He said guys with foreskin would masturbate more often than a man without foreskin.

    • I know an adult male who WILLING got circumcised because sex was too painful for him. To each their own I guess.

    • He wanted girls to go through the same thing. Good thing it didn't catch on. As far as the dick head at the top of the page's a waste of my time to get all butt hurt that he's pretty much a dipsh*t.

    • Oddly enough, he may have been correct, because without the foreskin, the head becomes much more desensitized. Kind of like how your tongue dries up if you stick it out for too long. But I personally am not circumcised.