Do all girls look at a guy's package when he has clothes on?

When a girl is interested in a guy does she look at his package? If so what is she thinking when she looks at it? And does she always try to look when he's not paying attention or does she like to make it obvious she's looking when he is standing or has his legs spread apart?


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  • i don't. I'm not that sex-crazed. I tend to look everywhere else on a guy's body but his 'package'. :o

    • I wouldn't call it sex-crazed though. Even some of my more cultured dates sneaked a peak or two. I thought it was kinda cute.

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    • Do people in Singapore use the word 'mate'?

    • Not everyone.

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  • I usually do a sly crotch-glance when I see a hot guy... nothing blatant, just a glance. especially if he's wearing tight jeans!

  • I do sometimes because I wanna know how big it is haha lol

  • hahaha erm no!

  • if I like the guy I look to see if its big or not. but sometimes you can't tell when your wearing jeans. when guys wear sweatpants you notice it more. I like to know what I might have to work with, lol.

  • I look if I am interested in sleeping with the guy, but you can't tell enough just by looking , he isn't hard. Sometimes guys get semi when you tease them though and you check.

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  • Since seventh grade I've noticed eyes wandering downstairs. I used to be very shy, but secretly it was tremendously thrilling. When I finally let loose and went out often in jogging shorts or sweatpants, I noticed all kinds of reactions. Most commonly women give a scanning glance trying to not get noticed. Almost as commonly they seem to just naturally look right at my package and then in passing look me right in the eye. I always remember the ladies who do this. One lady who was much older stared me down for about 40 yards, looking me deeply in the eye as she passed me. The most memorable experiences have been the most extreme. A few ladies have actually went so far as to cop a feel. The ones who point it out to their friends are also a big thrill. But the most unforgettable moments are being found alone in a place like a swimming pool and teased just so they could see how big it would get, the ultimate humiliation and exhilaration.