How can I surprise my boyfriend?

So I wanna do something a little sexy for honey when he comes home from work late night. Now I am a mother of 3 so I'm not the sexiest person so I'm a little self conscious of showing too much... so I just wanna do something that makes me comfortable and he enjoys ... any ideas?

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  • We have been enjoying Laura Corn's 101 "Nights of Grrreat Romance" link

    Personally the best thing after a hard stressful day is a candle lit back massage from my wife wearing something sexy to start the evening. When your man is beat after a late day, he probably needs some time to decompress before going at it.

    Body issues and stretch marks? Try a babydoll with a flowing fit over the tummy that shows enough to be sexy but you feel comfortable in.




    • Thank you ! I appreciate ur answer very much