How can I surprise my boyfriend?

So I wanna do something a little sexy for honey when he comes home from work late night. Now I am a mother of 3 so I'm not the sexiest person so I'm a little self conscious of showing too much... so I just wanna do something that makes me comfortable and he enjoys ... any ideas?


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  • We have been enjoying Laura Corn's 101 "Nights of Grrreat Romance" link

    Personally the best thing after a hard stressful day is a candle lit back massage from my wife wearing something sexy to start the evening. When your man is beat after a late day, he probably needs some time to decompress before going at it.

    Body issues and stretch marks? Try a babydoll with a flowing fit over the tummy that shows enough to be sexy but you feel comfortable in.




    • Thank you ! I appreciate ur answer very much

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  • Depends on what your strengths are, if you know them, play up to them.

    Self conscious about body issues? Use a little mystery, maybe turn out a few lights and welcome him home in a seductive way. If you want to make love, wear the lingerie he likes best, If you want to make dinner for him, make it the best version of his favorite you can.

    • Yeah body issues... gotta few yucky stretch marks he says they dnt bother him but I guess I let them get to me ... do guys really care about em or no?

    • Generally no, I think most would say we could care less as long as you're in shape.

    • Hmm good point. thanks I appreciate the help

  • Send him some naughty texts while he is at work to get him riled up. When he gets home do a lot of dirty talk before hand, tell him how bad you want him, be VERY graphic in details. Tell him exactly what you want to do to him.

    And hey, nothing turns me on more then when my girl WANTS to give me a blowjob. If you wanna make him happy, give them away like free balloons!

    • Ok I like the idea but my boyfriend is not a good "participator " when it comes to sexy talk so I get kinda turned off when I'm like oh yeah I wanna do this and he's like oh yeah..... and that's it so... and about the giving away the bj ... so I'm kinda like that always.... we have been together for 7 years and I'm kinda the one with the high sex drive (always have been) so he's kinda used to me allready up for that and sum nookie but its usually when we snuggle up I kinda wanna suprise him at the door :) ??

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    • Oh I likie!!! ok so ..... what kinda toys do guys like? a girl mentioned sum vibrator ring thing... as a guy what do you think?? now he's shy and kinda not always so easy to get o try new things kinda guy .... but I'm lets try everything new kinda girl so any ideas with that in mind??

    • Hmm, well its probably something you might want to mention to him, before you actually go and buy one because some guys might be intimidated by them.

      But you could get a vibrating **** ring, a vibrator he could use on you, or a bullet vibe, handcuffs maybe?

      Just browse around till you find something you like. is discreet and has a lot to look at, along with reviews about each toy.

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  • try a vibrating **** ring... most likely he has never used one and will be thrilled that you wanna try something completely different. You will surprise him, and its BEST for both.

    • Ok so I'm so up for that right but what do I do if he's not do guys really like those things?

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    • I basically just said "Look what my friend gave me to try" (in a jokingly way to see his reaction) and he was surprised and said "Why not?"

      It turned out to be phenomenal. I recommend it.

    • Well thank you for the advice I just may have to do that =)

  • take a picture send it to him tell him you miss him and can't wait for later. tonight surprise him with candles and all the stuff he likes maybe even his favorite meal to start things off

  • here's a new idea. text him and say I wanna play a simple game and its very entertaining. make sure that he plays... when he says yes take a picture of the sexy lingerie your wear and include the instructions which is what item does he want you to remove first and go from there if he wants you to do something like play with yourself or something go along with it but its like you take the picture of what he wants to see happen and send it to him. its quite fun ;P so have fun :P

    • Oh fun!!!!

    • Its very fun trust me! if he doesn't wanna play make him play its like really fun and sexy! and like if you wanna spice it up even more add vibrators and sex toys :P