Do guys think a lot of pubic hair is gross?

Do guys think a lot of pubic hair is gross? or do they think its like whatever? or do they just not like it period? do they like it smooth better?... Show More

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  • From what I've heard, I think most guys would rather either none at all, or nicely groomed (trimmed). from a guys point of view it's nicer when your giving a girl head I think....unless it's prickly! lol, and even though this isn't always true, really hairy girls can be seen as unkempt, or even unclean by the guy.

    then again, I've heard of fetishes where guys are into a lot of bushy hair. haha so, depends on the guy and his preferences really. I don't think any guy would turn you down if you were bushier than expected, and keep yourself groomed how YOU like. personally, I just keep myself nice and groomed! but I'm not into the bald look myself lol.

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