How to tell a girl's bra size?

I am going to buy my girl friend a bathing suit for her birthday I was wondering how I can tell a womens bra size from one glance. I don't want to ask her because she might suspect what I'm doing since her birthday is next week.


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  • why not take a peak at the tag in one of her bras? but bathing suits are usually not sorted by bra size (34B, 38C, 36A, etc.) bathing suit tops are just small, medium, and large and their very adjustable, so it won't be so hard to guess.

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      Duh, why didn't he think about that after he got her naked? He should also look at what size bikini panties she wears. All he has to do is go to the bikini store and tell the girl his girlfriend wears a 36D bra and six 6 panties (for example).