26 and still a virgin. Is that weird?

I'm 26, almost 27, and I'm still technically a virgin. (I've fooled around and I've had cyber sex, but I have never had sexual intercourse in real life). I just haven't met anyone I have felt comfortable having sex with yet, and I want my first time to be with someone I love, not someone I just think is kind of cute.

Last time I fooled around with a guy, I realized I had no clue what I was doing and ended up feeling really embarrassed. I have no intention of losing my virginity just to lose it, but I wonder: do most guys find my lack of experience a turn-off/see it as a sign that there's something wrong with me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No. There is absolutely nothing wrong with u. if ANYTHING you are the NORMAL and healthy person compared to everyone else. Our culture has become all about Sex sex sex sex sex that people lower their standard of living just so that they can brag to their friends about "how many people they have had sex with."

    You simply haven't found some one that YOU would like to have sex with yet. In my opinion, YOU are living an AUTHENTIC life. You are keeping to YOUR standards as a women and not caving in under peer pressure to others. If anything, I would say be proud of yourself for being strong enough to block out all of other people's standards and listen to yourself. Being your OWN individual and person. Making your own decisions in life and fallowing your own heart...not cheapening yourself to societies standards. And In my opinion, you are living life correctly by being yourself and living up to your standards. So yeah...props to you and I hope that you find some one that you love and actually want to share yourself with soon. <3