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26 and still a virgin. Is that weird?

I'm 26, almost 27, and I'm still technically a virgin. (I've fooled around and I've had cyber sex, but I have never had sexual intercourse in real... Show More

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  • No. There is absolutely nothing wrong with u. if ANYTHING you are the NORMAL and healthy person compared to everyone else. Our culture has become all about Sex sex sex sex sex that people lower their standard of living just so that they can brag to their friends about "how many people they have had sex with."

    You simply haven't found some one that YOU would like to have sex with yet. In my opinion, YOU are living an AUTHENTIC life. You are keeping to YOUR standards as a women and not caving in under peer pressure to others. If anything, I would say be proud of yourself for being strong enough to block out all of other people's standards and listen to yourself. Being your OWN individual and person. Making your own decisions in life and fallowing your own heart...not cheapening yourself to societies standards. And In my opinion, you are living life correctly by being yourself and living up to your standards. So yeah...props to you and I hope that you find some one that you love and actually want to share yourself with soon. <3

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  • They might be curious as to why you're still a virgin, but don't be ashamed at all. In your own words, you said that want to wait for someone that you love and not just some guy you're lusting after, there's nothing wrong at all with that stance.

  • I'm 22 and still a virgin, even worse is that I've always been single.

  • i really wouldn't care... if anything it says that your pure and not of loose morals. A lot of men would prefer it regardless of your age.

  • Even I am 26 and still a virgin. I will have sex only after marriage, that too with my wife. This is the reason why I never date because I don't want to end up having sex & losing my virginity. Virginity is something very special to me, because I am able to control myself all this long & save all my physical energy just for her. I want to lose it only to my beloved wife & no one else. Once she finds out, she will be happy. However, I do watch porn, because we are sexual beings and if we restrain ourselves from sex we have to masturbate to get rid of physical frustration.

    So, long story short, that isn't weird at all as you are following the principle.

  • Yes

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  • Not weird at all I am also 26 and still virgin and I've myself that same question but then I was reminded that I respect myself and if a guy has a problem with that then he's not good enough for me we are beautiful just the way we are

  • No it's not weird, you're respecting your self to not sleep with anyone you date, you're saving your self to someone you love and trust, it's actually respectful and not weird.

  • I'm much more older and still a virgin, because I'm waiting till marriage. But I found my Boyfriend when I was 26, and I'm happy I didn't lost my virginity, because he values it. So there's nothing bad to be a virgin at this age. I think you'll find your one and be happy, so don't worry a lot, just enjoy your life.

  • If you really do wait for this perfect guy/guy you're in love with, he won't mind that you're a virgin. In fact, it'll be more special to him because it's like you're completely and 100% his. But yeah, if you are actually in love, he won't mind being patient and he certainly won't think anything's wrong with you.

  • No its not weird. And nice Nightwish song you chose there :).

    There was some japanese t-shirt with a cat winking and it said "My pussy, my choice".

    But that's the attitude you should take, its your body, its sacred to you, and you decide who you want to give your love to. The time will come when you want to, and that's the only time you should. time doesn't matter, its the right experiences. You'll prob be glad you didn't waste some time with some jerks, so you should be happy it hasn't happened.

    And no, most guys aren't turned off. In fact they are turned on if they like you and you wanna be with them. in fact, if guys really REALLY like you , they are turned of if ur naked, and when ur not naked, just being yourself.

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