Why I got more pleasure doing anal than vaginal?

I lost my virginity last week. We had vaginal sex and it hurt so bad...he was very gentile but every time he put it in I was trying to be strong and deal with the pain. Then we had anal sex and it didn't hurt and it was so much better than vaginal? any clue?


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  • That's amazing that anal sex works better for you than vaginal for you. Lucky boyfriend because no worries about you getting pregnant nor having to use a condom. If you enjoy that better then that's great plus you won't have to be on birth control either. If you want to still have vaginal sex, then give it some time of gradually getting used to it because it should gradually stretch. Meantime, you can have anal sex all you want because I'm sure your guy won't complain. You just seem to have an overly tight pussy. You're not the only girl with that problem. But if you want to, just keep working on it to loosen it up, maybe with lube and time it should improve.


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  • for the first time having sex it will be sore. I would suggest trying some lube, masturbate more on ur own to get it used to being touched and played with and also maybe invest in a small vibrator to play with on ur own. that way when it comes to the next time you will be more ready for it. but after doing it a few more times it will become a lot better.

    for anal, its probably just looser at the moment but in time ur pu$$y will be the best option for sex and will feel a lot better.

  • It will get better with repeated times. Definitely use some lube and take it slow. You can have your guy give you some clit stimulation before. It will help if you are wet and ready to go.

  • I'm gonna say that you have a tight Vagina. And the guy was loosing it up. So its not tight. That way next time he has sex with you. He can go in a little bit easier.

  • well I'm suprised first of all doing anal sex too after losing your virginity... but the walls of the uterus were just stretching... its gonna hurt like that after a couple times but after like the 4th or 5th time, it becomes more pleasurable than pain

  • You got a tight p**** and a big ass?

    • Lol...my ass is very tiny.

    • Hahahahahhah sounds like it lol but don't be ashamed its ur anatomy nothing you can do about that..

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