Guys, what does mean when you kiss a girl during sex?

what does mean when a guy kiss you in your neck, mouth, ear, arms, forehead...during intercourse?

yeah it doesn't mean anything...I know it now. I just don't want a guy kissing me during sex if he doesn't feel anything for me


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  • There is no hidden meaning to kissing in certain locations. Every guy is different and will kiss you in different places.


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  • Nothing.

  • It means I like her!

    No, seriously, that's it. It is not some magic indicator that decides whether we're going to be a long-term couple or a several-night stand.

  • Uhhhh... That I like more of her than just the, er, orifice that I'm currently penetrating? (sorry for the graphic imagery lol)

    It just means he's passionate, and totally normal. It's better than just a blank stare and drooling, or maybe texting during sex. :) Is there a problem? I'd think that kissing would be a good thing. Have none of your other boyfriends ever been classy enough to kiss you during sex?

  • Means were in the moment and want more intimacy.

  • i will kiss a girls body if I want to show affection, not because I'm trying to warm her up. everyone different. you can't lay there and ask why are you kissing me, make sure with every kiss he says something lovely like I like you, I don't want this to end, and etc.

  • Have to agree it means nothing special other than he thinks you likes it or he gets off on it or he just got carried away with the moment

  • I'm a passionate lover and like to kiss all over.. Don't worry after he gets a little here and there he probably won't kiss you at all. Then you know it's over. :(


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  • i don't know but I imagine a guy who wouldn't do that wouldn't be fun. at least I wouldn't date him lol