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Do both testicles make sperm?

like I lost a testicle yesterday (the right one)

i was wondering which testicle is the one that makes sperm?


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  • They both do. Heal up, mind your doc, and you'll be fine.

  • Both of them do.

  • Both do but shouldn't you have discussed this with your doctor

  • dude...how the f*** do you lose a testicle...wtf what did it just disappear or did your girlfriend cut your nut off...wtf

  • both do.

    Not only that, the first endocrinology experiment ever done (guess what class I am in this semester sports fans?) showed that if only one testes remains, that it will actually hypertrophy (swell and grow) to accommodate for the missing one.

  • both do

  • Unless there is something wrong with one of them they are both designed to produce sperm, in fact it's really their sole purpose.

  • OH! SHIT DUDE! THE RIGHT ONES THE ONE THAT MAKES THE SPERM! OH DAMN! The other ones just for looks. Wow, unbelievable, how'd that happen?

    Man I'm jerkin your chain, both testies make sprem.*psh

  • What if you were born with one testicle, does the left one still produce sperm?

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