Are black guys really bigger than white guys?

Are black guys really bigger than white guys? Are black guys really bigger than white guys?


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  • Yes. I am white, and yes, black men have bigger penises, on average. Anyone who says otherwise is just an idiot trying to be politically correct. "Oh no, don't tell black people their penises are big; they'll be offended." Black people are also better athletes and dancers, on average. This is not racism; it is common sense. WAKE UP PEOPLE!Oh, and yes, unfortunately Asians do have the smallest penises, on average. This is common knowledge, and therefore common sense, not racism. I am sure there are several Asians with penises that would make mine look like a pathetic, shriveled worm, but we are talking about averages here. There are exceptions to every rule.If you accept that we are talking about averages here then rdxhai pretty much nailed it with his answer.

    • White people dominate ICE HOCKEY. JUST SAYING. hahah.

    • That's why we make it clear that we are dealing with averages, and we recognize that there are always exceptions. I have to respectfully disagree with that car selling remark.

    • No, I'm not. black people, for the most part, are more skilled at certain things. what I'm saying is that you can't generalize. there could be a Jewish kid from Brooklyn who's better at running that Usain Bolt (highly unlikely). I'm not pretending that the best basket ball players aren't black and that everyone is equal at everything, because it's not true. for instance, it's harder to sell a car to a Jew or Asian than it is to Latino person...but not ALWAYS.

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  • umm no.They're not. Its a nice stereotype for blacks though. Most stereotypes are mean.Seriously, don't make me look up the studies from my psychosexuality class, I am graduating this semester and already put most of my books in the attic.The thing you have to understand from statistics is that while men and women are different, women are much more different from each other than they are from men. Meaning, the average man and average woman are actually barely different, there is always more variation within a population than between populations. The same holds true for penis size. Lets pretend it was true, a black man may vary by a half inch on average. There will still be plenty of black men who are small, and plenty of whites who are larger. But truth is, its a stereotype.Look at the maturity of those answering for the stereotype before you accept it.

  • I can only judge by myself & my brother and both of us are pretty big down there...I haven't seen a white guy's penis since school so I can't really compare too deep

  • yeah its a fact can you help me with my question? link

  • I don't know because I haven't seen as much penis as rdxhai or thewanderer

    • Not in the flesh, in sluts on the internet.still seen too many. damn internet.

    • Congrats! Have you come out of the closet to your parents yet?

    • Thewanderer = seen too many penises

  • Like this:Blacks (_(_)==========DWhites (_(_)=======DAsians (_(_)====DReally.

    • No I'm just very comfortable with my sexuality, join the military and you will be to.

    • Dayum! What branch ru in dude?

    • You sound like you love the penis

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  • and are asian guys really smaller than everyone else? no, there are people with big penises and small penises in every race. just like there are smart people and dumb people and attractive and ugly people in every race. don't play into stupid stereotypes.

    • Definitely asian.

    • AcEMasTeR = white or asian, probably asian

    • Lol ivarei i love your answers really =)

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