Are black guys really bigger than white guys?

Are black guys really bigger than white guys?

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  • Yes. I am white, and yes, black men have bigger penises, on average. Anyone who says otherwise is just an idiot trying to be politically correct. "Oh no, don't tell black people their penises are big; they'll be offended." Black people are also better athletes and dancers, on average. This is not racism; it is common sense. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Oh, and yes, unfortunately Asians do have the smallest penises, on average. This is common knowledge, and therefore common sense, not racism. I am sure there are several Asians with penises that would make mine look like a pathetic, shriveled worm, but we are talking about averages here. There are exceptions to every rule.

    If you accept that we are talking about averages here then rdxhai pretty much nailed it with his answer.

    • How are they better athletes?

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    • That's why we make it clear that we are dealing with averages, and we recognize that there are always exceptions. I have to respectfully disagree with that car selling remark.

    • White people dominate ICE HOCKEY. JUST SAYING. hahah.