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Can a girl get excited over watching a guy masturbate?

If a girl sees an attractive guy masturbating, is it a turn on, or would she think it's perverted?

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  • For me its incredibly arousing in doses. Im sure if he my boyfriend decided to masturbate before every time we had sex it would get kinda old and really fast. But every now and again if starts masturbating during foreplay, getting turned on looking at me, or feeling me around, or getting turned on kissing me. Thats hot. at least to me. Its an intense visual and arousing mentally because he's pleasuring himself to sight of me or what I'm doing.

What Girls Said 10

  • Its very attractive, definite turn on.

  • If it's done during foreplay then I'm good with it. Me and my hubby play with ourselves as we play with each other all the time. But if he's just jerking off to jerk off. It's kinda a little of a turn off and it looks a little odd. LoL. Makes me giggle a little on the inside! =D

  • In my experiences, watching a guy wank has not made me want to have sex. It just makes me interested in why they masturbate the way they do. It shows what parts are more sensitive and whether or not they're gentle or rough. Its like a demo lesson :)

  • It's definitely arousing, no doubt about it.

    i don't think it's perverted at all, its a normal thing to do. My boyfriend gets turned on when I pleasure myself in front of him. So he returns the favor sometimes. It's a nice way to change things up a little bit. And plus by the time we get around to actually touching each other we're both so hot and bothered that every touch feels amazing.

  • I, for one, would LOVE it. Ya know. if I knew the guy. ;)

  • I wouldn't be turned on to be honest! But it all depends on who it is, I would more than likely just laugh. If it was someone I don't like I would prob think its horrible.

  • It works for me....well then again I LOVEEEE my boo lol

  • Wow, must be something wrong with me, after reading everyone's answers. I am not very religious, but yet seeing a guy jack off does nothing for me. I hate it when me and my guy are having sex and he can last a long time and I try everything to get him off but he needs to take over and yank his chain while I lie there uselessly! It is not my fault that he whacks off so much and too hard that when it comes time for sex his manhood needs more than I can give. I find it a turn off. Guess I am that one in a million!

  • Depends on the girl, I personally get turned on because I see that my man is turned on. Whether he needs my help or not, it is arousing.

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  • There are women who do. But the man has to at least be somewhat attractive. . But, they won't admit it to people she knows in real life, which is understandable.

  • I have been told by a lover that she loves to watch a guy masturbate. Gives her a feeling of power and control. A guy would make himself too suceptable to her. I don't think it is perverted. It is a natural act and if you can find someone to share with, more power to you.

  • I guess it would depend on the context. If a girl was walking down the street and saw some random guy pleasuring himself, she'd probably think he was a pervert, regardless of how attractive he might be!

    Visual stimulation matters much less for women because they prefer mental or emotional stimulation. This is why who they're with matters more than what they're seeing.

  • My girlfriend loves to watch me masturbate. And because she loves it, I do it for her often. Masturbation is a natural act. It's not perverted to enjoy doing it or watch it being done.

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