Sitting on his face

My boyfriend said he would really like it if I would sit on his face. What exactly is this? What do you do? Is it embarrassing? And why do guys like this?

Thanks, guys :) You helped out a lot. I appreciate it. Minus the pork and beans thing. What a ****.


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  • it is when a guy is laying flat and you sit and straddle your vagina over his mouth, and then he uses his fingers and tongue to taste and pleasure you..Hope that helps

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  • As others have said, you sit astride him, over or on his face. If you do try it, you might be nervous the first time, or not sure how good it will be. My girlfriend was curious and it was great seeing her gradually enjoying it more and more. Now she does it to me every other week and loves it.

    Have him play with your breasts too while you're on top of him like this; I'd be surprised if you didn't enjoy it. Good luck! You can also face down his body for a different angle

  • he wants to eat you out while you sit on his face.

    no its not embarrassing, and guys like this because we see it in porn and the girl always enjoys herself so, ENJOY lol. just have an open-mind when it comes to these things, let him teach you or vice versa..

  • my ex did it once to me. I was being aggressive, so I straddled her and made her suck me off. Right after that, she pushed me off, straddled me, and shoved her p**** in my face. It's very hot seeing a girl that aggressive!

  • please eat some pork and beans 6 hours before you do this... get back to me with his reaction, okay?

    • Well aren't you just full of kindness and ignorance. that is F'd up. someone asks a genuine question and all you give is some bs answer cause you can't get a woman to sit on your face. wtf guy, get real.

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    • Lol that's mean but funny

    • The internet is the perfect place to be a smartass!

  • it is another way for a girl to get eaten out. it is also referred to as gueening. most women I know love it cause it gives them a feeling of control and they are able to position themselves while getting eaten out to receive the most pleasure. all you do is sit on his face and position you vagina on his mouth. as he eats you out, you move yourself accordingly to maximize your pleasure. I have never known it to be embarrassing to any woman that has done it.

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  • its one of the best things sex has to offer !