Phone numbers and one night stands...

GUYS: OK so say you have a one night stand... are you likely to get a number/do you want to get one? if so is the guy normally the one to ask, or would you prefer the girl to just give it up nonchalantly? ( like you're not expecting anything ) or would you prefer no number sharing/giving at all most of the time lol?


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  • Well if it's a one night stand and it was all about the sex then, as shallow as it might sound, it really depends on whether or not the sex was good or not. If the sex was good, then the guy might want to see if it could happen again so he might want her number. If it wasn't so good, then he'll probably just think it was a fun time and see if there are others available for another night of fun.

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      Not shallow lol, a one night stand is what it is